For All | March 23, 2021

Understanding LeafLink Insights: MarketScape vs myBI

What LeafLink Insights product best fits your needs?

Breaking down LeafLink Insights

Looking to increase sales and optimize your business? Making sure you understand how to best use LeafLink Insights is a great first step! LeafLink Insights suite of analytics tools for cannabis brands currently includes two products: MarketScape and myBI. So, what’s the difference?



myBI is a great tool for brands who want to dig a little deeper into the data behind their business. Use myBI to help you answer these questions:

– How is our sales team performing?

– Which of our products performs the best?

– How long does it take for retailers to repurchase from our brand?

– How can we better adjust our sales approach?



MarketScape gives you a deeper understanding of your market and how your brand stacks up against competitors. Use MarketScape to answer these questions:

– Who are our direct competitors and top retailers?

– Where do we rank in our market?

– How does our pricing compare to our competitors’ pricing?

– What product categories are trending in our state?

– Which counties and retailers should we focus our sales-efforts in?

How to use MarketScape and myBI together

Getting a pulse on where you rank in your market while being able to examine how your brand’s sales activities are actually performing will set you up for success.

Use tools from MarketScape in tandem with myBI to:

– Understand your customer relationships

– Forecast your top-selling products in your inventory and market

– Adjust your sales efforts and approach to suit current and potential customers

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