Pay and get paid with LeafLink

$1B+ payments processed and counting

Get paid faster, on your terms

Quick and easy digital payments arrive more quickly than traditional payment methods. LeafLink’s payment options allow you to collect payment on delivery via our Direct Pay tool, or offer your buyers terms with Flex Pay. Either way, we’ll make sure you get paid right away.

  • No gimmicks, no hidden fees

    Cash and check payments can be expensive, and the banks that offer digital payments will often charge cannabis customers significantly higher fees. LeafLink’s digital payment offerings are clear, with costs stated upfront and no surprises.

  • Take the pain out of payments

    See exactly who owes you for what – in one place. Instantly accept digital payments from all your buyers.

  • Save time and headache

    Getting paid outside LeafLink means reconciling a mess of cash, checks and digital transfers, and spending hours chasing down buyers for payment. Imagine what you could accomplish if you got that time back. Use LeafLink payments to track your orders and payment status all in one place, and ditch the manual work for good.

  • Secure, trackable payments

    Cash deliveries and mailed checks are hard to track and vulnerable to theft or fraud. Stop putting your bottom line at risk. When you receive secure payments through LeafLink, you always know where your money is.

Try LeafLink payments

LeafLink technology powers wholesale cannabis commerce. Since 2016, we’ve helped over 12,000 companies build relationships, process payments and ship products to retail. We’ve processed more than $1 billion in payments and counting.