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Getting products from the warehouse to your customer’s shelves can be a nightmare filled with delays, uncertainty and manual processes. With LeafLink Logistics, you can offload the hard work to the professionals and breathe easy. Access the top shipping providers in your state right in our easy-to-use dashboard for real-time tracking, on-time deliveries, and a top notch customer experience.

LeafLink Logistics by the numbers: how brands are leveraging LeafLink to streamline shipping and fulfillment

99 %

on-time delivery

75 %

time savings

+ 100 K


A modern, connected shipping experience

No more toggling between emails, texts and dashboards to track deliveries. LeafLink gives you one place to manage orders, connect with shipping partners and track the status of each delivery every step of the way. Our custom mobile app for delivery drivers and tracking tools for buyers make it a better experience for everyone involved.

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Optimize wholesale cannabis logistics

Stop toggling between systems and schedule a delivery to retail in a few clicks.

Control purchase orders, payments and logistics workflows with LeafLink technology.

Our software helps you do more — and stress less.

Logistics experts in your market

Our partners take care of pickup and delivery, and keep you updated on the status of orders as they move.

We can handle any type of product. Sell flower, concentrates, edibles, rosin or beverages? Let our partners worry about transportation.

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