Smarter data, better decisions

LeafLink’s data insights give you access to wholesale cannabis market data — customized for your business.

The next-generation analytics for the
cannabis community

Spare yourself the tedious task of hunting down data, organizing it in spreadsheets, and synthesizing it. LeafLink Premium Members gain instant access to actionable data about product sales by license, product lines and retail relationships. We’ve done the mathletics for you!

Empower your growth team

Tap into our fresh, interactive data reports. Our business insights help you identify your most profitable products, uncover your best customers, and optimize your product mix. Tap into our advertising insights to optimize ad creative, and conversion rates, with a daily data report.

Inform investment plans

Where does your brand rank in your market? What price should you charge to be competitive yet reach target margins? Use LeafLink’s business and market insights to gain real-time data about your market share, industry benchmarks, as well as the low, medium, and high price points for a category in your markets.

Join the LeafLink Ecosystem

Our technology powers wholesale cannabis commerce. Since 2016, we’ve helped over 12,000 companies build relationships, process payments and ship products to retail. Our solutions service over $5 billion in annual GMV and support customers in over than 30 markets.