We are LeafLink.

We provide cannabis brands and retailers with the tools they need to accelerate growth and manage their businesses more efficiently.

Powering cannabis commerce

LeafLink was launched with one goal: to solve the unique needs of operators in our unique industry.

Our Values

Our common purpose drives us forward.

We see every day as an opportunity to turn our company values into action.

We work for the customer

We prioritize our customers’ needs, satisfaction, and growth above all else. We make decisions based on what’s right for our customers, and we create shared value. We simplify experiences, and we’re easy to work with.

We deliver

We believe in moving fast, embracing innovation, and adapting quickly to the needs of our ever-changing industry. We execute rapidly against a narrow set of focus areas. We learn from our mistakes and are always improving.

We cultivate a better community

We work with our partners and customers to build a healthy, profitable, and inclusive ecosystem as we shape the future of cannabis. We strive to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

We win and lose as a team

We take ownership and initiative, and we hold ourselves accountable to high standards. We lead with trust and assume positive intent.

Where to find us

LeafLink serves 30 markets across the US. Our headquarters are in New York City, we have regional hubs in Los Angeles and Austin, and as a remote-first company, we have employees throughout the country.


Over 12,000 companies and counting use the marketplace


The marketplace is currently live in 30 markets


Businesses use LeafLink to manage over $4.5 billion in orders annually

The LeafLink story

Where we’ve been sets the stage for where we’re going.

Scroll to see some of our company’s major milestones.


Ryan G. Smith and Zach Silverman co-found LeafLink to help build tools that empower the cannabis community, and Keef Cola makes the first-ever Marketplace sale in Colorado.


LeafLink hits $100 million in annualized orders and we close our $10 million Series A.


LeafLink opens our Financial District HQ and we begin opening East Coast markets, starting with Maryland.


We hit $1 billion in annualized orders, close our $35 million Series B, and launch financial and payments services.


We close a $250 million debt facility to fuel LeafLink Payments, close our $40 million Series C, and launch LeafLink Logistics.


We hit $4 billion in annualized orders.


LeafLink is named one of Forbes’ Next Billion-Dollar Startups, and processes over $1B in wholesale cannabis payments


We close our $100M Series D, Artie Minson appointed as President and CEO, and LeafLink Marketplace goes live in our 30th market – our home state of New York


New product launches, new markets, and more to come.

Our Story

Ryan G. Smith and Zach Silverman started LeafLink with one goal in mind: to streamline the cannabis supply chain. Since 2016, LeafLink has been focused on building tools that directly address and empower the cannabis community. At the same time, we are defining the future of supply chains leveraging B2B marketplace technology.

Swipe to see some of our greatest milestones to date.

March 2016

We processed our first order in Colorado

August 2017

We hit $100 million in annualized orders

November 2017

We closed our $10 million Series A

July 2019

We hit $1 billion in annualized orders

August 2019

We closed our $35 million Series B

July 2020

We closed a $250 million debt facility to fuel LeafLink Payments

December 2020

We closed our $40 million Series C

March 2021

We hit $4 billion in annualized orders


New product launches, new markets, and more to come.

Join us. We’re hiring.

LeafLink is home to engineers and artists, analysts and visionaries. We believe in the power of technology to empower all businesses. If you find a job that inspires you, please apply. Join us in building a remote-first company, pioneering the future of cannabis, where everyone feels welcome and valued and can do their best work.

Join the LeafLink Ecosystem

Our technology has been powering wholesale cannabis commerce since 2016. We’re passionate about helping cannabis brands and retailers build relationships, grow sales, and more.