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LeafLink solutions service more than $5 billion in annual transactions for over 12,000 buyers and sellers. Build customer relationships, process payments and ship products to retail with LeafLink.

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Offer customers a shoppable menu that never sleeps and automatically creates compliant records for you. Tap into America’s largest wholesale cannabis community to meet new dispensary buyers and strengthen customer relationships.

The pains

Tracking inventory through spreadsheets, emails and texts can be messy. Whether you’re opening stores or driving growth, we show you how to keep on top of everything from purchase orders to sales activities much more efficiently.

Your goals
  • Increase revenue
  • Sync sales, marketing and operations
  • Track performance
What LeafLink can do for you

  • Increase your brand reach by listing products for sale on LeafLink. Thousands of licensed wholesale purchasers in our community are hunting for products right now. We’ve processed more than one billion transactions for sellers since 2016.
  • After marketing creates a shoppable menu, we auto update inventory quantities for you as orders are fulfilled. Drive traffic to the menu and meet new buyers with Ads. Organize the sales team with a built-in CRM. When Operations ships the orders, they can press a button on the order to let everyone know it’s on the way.
  • Easily run a report to learn which products are selling well and which sales reps are nailing goals. See a list of all inventory to inform your growth strategy, and provide the finance team a set of tidy records when they’re in the mood to audit.

“LeafLink helped us improve relationships with customers by better anticipating their purchasing needs.”

Josh Hirschey, President of Timeless Vapes

The pains

Delivering consistent customer experiences that build brand equity and generate revenue at scale is tough when you’re using multiple tools and staying in compliance with seed-to-sale tracking laws.

Your goals
  • Get in more stores
  • Calibrate cost of goods sold
  • Improve collaboration
What LeafLink can do for you

  • Create a shoppable menu for each of your brands and easily toggle between licenses. Get discovered by thousands of dispensary buyers in the LeafLink community. Easily text a buyer your menu, track pipeline in our CRM and meet new customers with Ads. More than 52% of the US wholesale cannabis market buys inventory on LeafLink.
  • Know exactly how much inventory you have and where it’s located with LeafLink’s advanced inventory management technology. Whether you’re selling flower, vapes, edibles, or topicals, we can automatically track COGS, add batch test results and package tags to purchase orders to delete the double data-entry from your day. Organize inventory across production facilities and control what products buyers see based on their zip code. Spend less time hunting down info and more time thinking about delighting customers.
  • Customer loyalty starts when the first order arrives. Prevent order rejection by keeping the customer experience consistent and digitizing the order lifecycle on LeafLink. From inventory upload through pricing negotiations and shipment, LeafLink technology makes it easy for your team to build relationships with customers, drive work forward and deliver orders that are 100% accurate and in compliance. Ask us about our Payments and Logistics partner network.

“LeafLink helped us improve relationships with customers by better anticipating their purchasing needs.”

Josh Hirschey, President of Timeless Vapes

The pains

Establishing a brand presence in multiple markets and driving year-on-year growth is tough when your brands are operating in silos.

Your goals
  • Compliance
  • Activating new markets
  • Personalizing experiences
What LeafLink can do for you

  • Digitize the entire order lifecycle, from inventory upload through purchase and delivery, with LeafLink technology. Automatically attach Metrc or BioTrack tags to purchase orders, split packages and check transfer status without having to toggle over to another system. Easily control which users can access our Seed to Sale solutions and automate away tedious compliance tasks.
  • Enter new markets with a cornucopia of e-commerce solutions designed to activate growth. Tap into LeafLink’s wholesale market data before investing in a new product category or making pricing decisions. Create an unlimited number of shoppable menus that shine with your brand tone and voice. Meet new dispensary buyers with Ads in up to 30 markets. Automatically update inventory, payment and shipping records to enjoy the process consistency that supports your business strategy while ensuring it’s audit-proof.
  • Personalize your LeafLink experience with our API and Developer Resources. We integrate with the industry’s top technologies, including Distru, Flourish, Quickbooks and Sage. Use our Developer Hub to build integrations with your OMS, WMS, TMS or something entirely new!

“LeafLink helped us improve relationships with customers by better anticipating their purchasing needs.”

Josh Hirschey, President of Timeless Vapes

Create branded, shoppable menus

Upload your branding and showcase products, strains, test results, prices and license. Accept or place purchase orders that auto-sync with LeafLink solutions.

Organize inventory

Group inventory by brand, product line, category and location. Automatically track quantities, batches and compliance tags.

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Meet new customers

Track contacts, pipeline and sales tasks in each service zone in the LeafLink CRM. Run Ads to drive traffic to your menus and fill the pipeline.

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