For Retailers | January 30, 2024

Cash in on the Spike – Prepping for Football & Cannabis’ Big Day

Super Bowl Sunday is not just a day of football, parties, and dips. It’s also a major sales opportunity for the cannabis industry. Over the past few years, cannabis sales have spiked the weekend of the big game. This year, with the continued rise of cannabis legalization and the growing acceptance of cannabis as a legitimate industry, retailers should be ready. Not to mention, both of the competing teams’ home cities and the Super Bowl host city are cannabis-friendly!

What to expect?

Cannabis retailers can expect a significant boost in sales during the lead up and aftermath of game day. LeafLink saw an increase in orders in 2023 leading up to the big game when compared to previous months. According to data from springbig, daily average cannabis sales grew by 24% the Saturday and Sunday before last year’s big game. Also of note, data from Fyllo reported the biggest rise in 2023 came from Gen Z, who increased their sales by 10% on Super Bowl weekend. Looking ahead, with the Super Bowl just around the corner, retailers should expect another sales surge.  

So, how do retailers prepare?

First and foremost – stocked shelves! According to Fyllo’s 2023 data, pre-rolls were the top selling category nationwide, accounting for 37% of all sales. LeafLink’s own order data shows pre-rolls were also a top item among our customers, but flower and concentrates took the number one and two spot. Cartridges and edibles rounded out the top five, which accounted for 96% of all sales. 

Pro-tip: Retailers should take their own store data into consideration along with nationwide trends. Stock up on favorites and other easy to grab party products to ensure you can cater to demand.

Let’s also not forget the immense opportunities presented by mega events like the Super Bowl. Cannabis retailers can (and should) use the popularity of the Super Bowl to their advantage. Whether it’s offering special promotions or stocking up on Super Bowl-themed products, aligning your brand with the event can be a game-changing strategy for business. Additionally, expanding promotions onto social media platforms with contests and giveaways is another way for retailers to increase their visibility during this event.

Pro tip: make sure you follow the regulations around using “Super Bowl” in your promotional messaging!

Let the Games begin!

The Super Bowl may be known for touchdowns, ads, and copious amounts of wings, but with the increase of cannabis sales, the plant has firmly secured a spot in football’s biggest day. By capitalizing on trending topics such as the Super Bowl, the industry can flourish.  Whether your customers are rollin’ with the Mahomies or more into Niners, you can anticipate that they’ll be ready to indulge. And no matter which team leaves Las Vegas as champion, cannabis is sure to come out of the weekend with a W – the dealer always wins! 

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