For All | January 17, 2024

Q4 2023 Product Spotlight: New Features, Upgrades, Improvements and More!

Q4 of 2023 was a busy one for LeafLink. We rolled out several new features, improved the analytics engine for better, more insightful results, upgraded the user interface setting page, and enhanced the overall reporting function. MyBI is now Business Insights and Advertising Performance is now Advertising Insights. They may seem like small name changes but they are important to our larger mission and story – to give our customers a better view of their operation so they are saving time, energy, money and getting more done with less. Take a read below on the new items we rolled out or improved on so you can make the most of your LeafLink account. 

Here’s the lowdown on what rolled out last quarter:

  • New! The Auto Compliant Product Creator
  • New! Search Ads – Now in Missouri and Oregon!
  • New! Driver App for seamless deliveries
  • Improved! User setting page got a design overhaul 
  • Improved! Upgraded analytics engine to provide sellers with more powerful data reports. 

Want more details? Read on!

New Features!

The Auto Compliant Product Creator
Spend less time thinking about compliance with LeafLink’s improved Seed to Sale feature. Quickly auto import inventory data from Metrc or BioTrack. List it for sale on LeafLink with just a few clicks. We’ll fill in the compliance essentials such as brand, product name, growing operation and other data for you. Learn more in this user guide. Now available for sellers nationwide!

Driver App for seamless deliveries
As we continue to onboard new shipping partners in many states, LeafLink has launched a new driver app that makes it easier to track shipment progress in real time, with more accuracy. The app’s simple interface lets drivers quickly update the status of a shipment as it changes, so that brands can provide a better customer experience. 

Search Ads – Now in Missouri and Oregon!
Listen up Missouri and Oregon! Say goodbye to getting blocked for saying “cannabis” in your digital ad. Reach verified dispensary buyers and drive sales with digital ads on the cannabis industry’s largest wholesale Marketplace. Our new search ads complement our display ads to fuel your funnel and generate a warm lead list. You read that right. We’ll tell you who clicked on your ads. Get discovered by procurement managers who are searching for your product category or brand name. Reduce time to sale with LeafLink Ads, and efficiently track pipeline in our CRM. Talk to your Account Manager to learn more today.

Improvements and upgrades!
We upgraded our analytics engine this month to provide sellers with more powerful data reports. The updated backend provides a stronger, more flexible foundation for future data synthesis, and provides customers with fresh, interactive insights.

We also simplified the report names to make it crystal clear what data each report provides. The report formerly known as Marketscape is now called Market Insights; MyBI is now Business Insights; and Advertising Performance is now Advertising Insights. Each new name fits neatly within our larger brand story, and is easier for everyone to communicate.

Learn how to use each report with these articles:

Our user settings page got a new look! The new design helps customers see all users and their permissions at-a-glance. (No more guessing games on who can access what!) We’ve also added a search bar and some filters to help you add and edit user permissions quickly.

Get a feel for the new experience in this article.

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