For All | December 30, 2020

5 LeafLink Tips to Streamline Your Sales Team

Cannabis sales team

Highlighting 5 LeafLink’s sales tools and how your team can use them.

Want to get the most out of your LeafLink membership? Below, we’ve compiled 5 of our top tips and tricks, straight from our Client Experience team, on how to use LeafLink’s tools to streamline your workflow and boost your sales.

Tip #1: Build Out Your Customer Directory with LeafLink’s CRM

LeafLink’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools give you the ability to catalog and manage past, current, and potential customers. Customer details can be filled out in 7 sections: ‘Customer Overview,’ ‘Contacts,’ ‘Calendar,’ ‘Service Zones,’ ‘Customer Statuses,’ Templates,’ and ‘Credits.’

Each section contains relevant information about your customers so your team can easily access and understand the status of each one in the sales cycle.

Along with storing customer information, you can also directly assign information to your team members. For example, you can select a sales representative for a certain territory in the ‘Service Zones’ section, while the ‘Calendar’ section can be filled to show tasks for designated team members.

You can access LeafLink’s CRM on the Customers page.

Tip #2: Follow Along with Team Activities and Assign Tasks

LeafLink’s platform provides the power to track your team’s customer outreach as well as assign company tasks.

The Activities tool allows you to create and track all team member outreach to customers. For example, your team can log every relevant call, text, meeting, and pop-up they’ve had with a customer. As a result, you can tell which customers your team members should focus resources on.

The Tasks tool allows you to assign a task to a specific team member. Some common tasks to assign are ‘Deliver Samples,’ ‘Collect Payment,’ and ‘Update Inventory Quantities.’ Additionally, your team members can update a Task status to ‘In Progress’ or ‘Done’ after completion.

Once a task is created, you’ll be able to see it on your calendar.

You can access the Activities and Tasks tools on the Customer Overview section of each customer.

Tip #3: Utilize Order Management Tools

LeafLink’s order management tools allow you and your team to streamline the ordering process for your customers. Tools include inputting orders, accepting/rejecting orders, and managing payment.

For new orders, you can easily assign a sales rep to orders that come directly through the marketplace. For manual orders made on behalf of buyers, your team can input the order on LeafLink for company visibility and to ensure they receive proper credit on sales reports.

Additionally, team members can save a draft of orders that aren’t ready to be processed.

Tip #4: Organize an Order Flow

Additional order management tools allow you and your team to create a structure for order flow.

For example, your team can ‘Accept’ or “Reject’ new orders that come in to keep retailers in the loop. If an order is accepted, your customer will receive an email confirmation. If rejected, your team members can reach out via LeafLink platform messaging to let them know why.

You or your team can also update the payment status for each order. If an order was paid at time of delivery, you can mark the order as ‘paid.’ Orders with a balance will be marked in red and have the remaining amount next to the order.

You can access LeafLink’s order management tools on the Orders page.

Tip #5 Streamline Delivery with Fulfillment and Shipping Tools

For delivery, your team can easily increase visibility across the company by updating order status with the Fulfillment Queue and Shipping Queue.

The Fulfillment Queue shows your team orders coming down the pipeline and preparing to ship, while the Shipment Queue shows orders ready for delivery, complete with relevant drop off information like location, service zone, and invoice.

Additionally, your team members can update order status to ‘Shipped’ to trigger an email alerting buyers that their order is out for delivery.

You can access LeafLink’s fulfillment and shipping tools on the Fulfillment page.

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