For Brands | January 30, 2024

Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day: Capitalizing on Elevated Sales in the Wholesale Cannabis Market

As the calendar flips to a new year, two events loom large – Super Bowl Sunday and Valentine’s Day. Both these occasions are marked by enthusiastic celebrations, and interestingly, they’ve been observed to cause a significant surge in the cannabis market.

Uncovering Retail Trends Around Super Bowl Sunday and Valentine’s Day

There’s more than just love in the air during February. Between January 12 and February 14, 2023, brands on LeafLink saw a notable increase in both Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) and the number of orders compared to the previous month. Despite the increased number of orders, the Average Order Value (AOV) took a slight dip. This intriguing pattern suggests a shift in retailer behavior towards more frequent purchases of lower-priced items leading up to the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day.

Football’s Favorite Day: A Green Opportunity

This year, the Super Bowl is set to take place in a legalized market – the vibrant city of Las Vegas. Local dispensaries are already gearing up for an influx of shoppers looking to make their game day experience extra special. Check out retailer tips for the big day here.

Historically, the big game has been favorable for the cannabis industry. According to, recreational marijuana sales spiked when the game was held in Arizona last year. Regardless of your geographical location, capitalizing on this holiday surge is a smart business move. High Times and Forbes report that while there was a minor decrease in cannabis spending in 2023, the overall impact of the holiday on cannabis sales remained substantial.

Valentine’s Day: Sales Have Never Been Sweeter

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, romance is in the air—and so is the anticipation for lavish expressions of affection. 

According to NBC News, The National Retail Federation forecasts a staggering $14.2 billion in spending dedicated to significant others this year. However, amidst the traditional tokens of love, a budding trend emerges – Valentine’s Day could turn out to be very sweet for the cannabis market. As reported by the Business Insider, “close to 55 million American adults (37%) state they would be happy to receive cannabis as a gift this Valentine’s Day.” As more states legalize cannabis, anticipate a rise in couples exploring dispensaries for unique and greener Valentine’s Day gifts.

Strategic Cannabis Advertising Opportunity: Why Advertise During Holidays?

Festive Buzz: Amplify Your Brand Presence

Holidays create a buzz, and advertising during these periods ensures your brand is at the forefront of consumers’ minds. This is when they are actively seeking cannabis products for their celebrations. Leading up to Super Bowl Sunday and Valentine’s Day, more than 1,800 retailers purchased on LeafLink. Now it’s your chance to promote your brand to these retailers through the effective use of LeafLink Ads.

Peak Purchasing Intent: Seize the Moment

Consumer purchasing intent spikes around holidays like Valentine’s Day. Strategic ads position your brand where customers are eager to make purchases, maximizing your visibility and potentially boosting your sales.

Increased visibility during high-purchasing windows gives your brand a competitive advantage. Your business becomes the preferred choice for consumers seeking holiday-related products.

Score big with ACH Payments

Enhance customer experience and simplify transactions by setting up electronic cannabis payment options ahead of the holiday sales surges. ACH payments (like LeafLink Direct Pay) offer a swift and efficient financial transaction process ensuring seamless business operations, which is vital during the holiday rush. This contributes to customer satisfaction and loyalty, especially during peak purchasing periods.

Ready to Elevate Your Game?

With a comprehensive understanding of sales dynamics during these holidays and the incorporation of strategic ads and ACH payments, February becomes a strategic battleground for your brand’s success. 

Take advantage of the holidays with LeafLink Advertising and Direct Payments

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