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Customer Spotlight: High Desert Pure, Claiming Stake in Oregon’s Cannabis Market

Meet High Desert Pure, an Oregon based cannabis brand that started almost a decade ago and today, makes some of the highest quality topicals, tinctures, and edibles in the state. High Desert Pure was an idea sparked from a personal injury when founder and CEO Jack Robson ruptured a disc in his back. Resistant to the idea of taking strong prescribed painkillers with a long list of side effects, Jack looked at alternative forms of pain relief and thus began High Desert Pure. We talked with Jack about all things business, from how the company was founded, to tactics for success in a saturated market, and how he tapped his tech background to run a smoother operation. Take a read to learn more about the best selling topical brand in Oregon. 

From Personal Pain to a Blossoming Business
Time after time we hear about cases where cannabis was used as an effective pain management method and it’s not uncommon to learn of a business in the industry that originated from a personal experience where cannabis helped spark inspiration. For these people, it’s a passion for the plant and the many good things it offers that drives them. High Desert Pure is one of those stories where an unfortunate water skiing accident helped create one of the most reputable topical brands in Oregon. Jack wasn’t only inspired by his own experience with cannabis and alleviating pain, but also discovered that many others in his community in Bend were seeking alternative methods of relief. Now, High Desert Pure has a full lineup of topicals, lotions, bath bombs, tinctures, gummies and is the best selling topical brand in the state.

Consistent Quality is Key to a Saturated Market
High Desert Pure holds its own in a legacy market brim with competition by focusing on the end product. Consistent, quality, cannabis products keep customers coming back – so much so that they’ve recently expanded to California as well. Each product and product line is thoroughly tested and vetted to ensure it meets their standards, from the great tasting gummies to the soothing topicals. The brand doesn’t rely on marketing gimmicks or flash-in-the-pan trends; instead, they invest heavily in sourcing the finest raw materials possible.

One intriguing product line from High Desert Pure is their topical range. It’s not just cannabis enthusiasts who are turning their heads; often skeptical generations who still hold false stereotypes of cannabis are finding relief in them. Providing an accessible and approachable introduction to the benefits of cannabis, these topicals are breaking the stigma around the plant and forging a path toward inclusivity in the market. 

Leveraging Tech for Efficiency and Expansion
Stepping out from a pool of artisanal producers, High Desert Pure sets itself apart with an unlikely but potent differentiator—technology. Jack Robson, using his technical acumen from prior work as a software engineer for Apple, engineered Nimble Center, a bespoke inventory management system to help run a smoother operation. Jack’s innovative integration solves not just the operational hurdle for his business but echoes the potential of using technology to help businesses in a greater way. As an emerging industry with less tools available than other industries, finding innovative solutions like this can make a significant difference for an operation.

The Power of Free Samples and Word-of-Mouth Marketing
Oregon’s cannabis market is a highly competitive one, but High Desert Pure hasn’t just managed to stay afloat; they’ve carved a loyal following. Their unique product lineup, appealing packaging, and excellent results have led to their prominence in the market. With a small staff, the teams had to get clever with building their base and brand awareness. Providing samples to budtenders to educate themselves and try the product has been key to their success along with strong word-of-mouth marketing. Everyone knows someone that has chronic back pain or knee pain and hearing feedback on how well the product works has been instrumental in spreading awareness. 

To learn more about the leading topical brand in Oregon, visit their public menu HERE or their website HERE. High Desert Pure has been a LeafLink customer since 2019.

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