For All | April 20, 2020

7 Ways to Adapt Your Business to the New Normal

In our recent webinar The New Normal: 7 Tips for Adapting Your Remote Workflow*, the Client Experience team shared their advice for how to thrive in the current landscape. Here are some highlights from the session, plus a few bonus tips on how to run your cannabis business remotely and make the most of this new normal.

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1. Keep Up with Customer Interactions

Following along with interactions your team has with customers helps you track orders while giving you a better understanding of how to prioritize resources around specific retailer relationships.

You can learn how to log customer interactions with LeafLink’s Activities tool.

Some actions you may want to log:

– Called Alex on 5/1

– Sent Alex an email

– Scheduled delivery with Alex

2. Take Some Time to Follow Up

Similar to keeping up with prior customer interactions, you can also make a task for yourself or your team to follow up with a client or about an order.

Learn how to create a Follow-up task on LeafLink.

3. Find Out if Delivery Has Changed for Retailers

Are deliveries only accepted Monday through Wednesday? Should drop-offs now be made at the side entrance?

On-site staffing may look different for your customers during this time – find out what works best for them by sending a direct message on LeafLink.

4. Prioritize Your Customers with Tags

If COVID-19 has changed hours of operation, delivery times, or anything else for your customers, your team can easily keep track by applying a tag to categorize their updates, e.g. ‘New hours’, ‘Updated delivery’.

Learn how to apply tags on LeafLink.

5. Prepare for Customer Questions with an Updated FAQ

Have delivery hours or inventory options changed for your brand? Now’s the time to be proactive and provide an updated FAQ in anticipation of customer questions.

Learn how to add an FAQ on LeafLink.

6. Make Internal Communication Key

Keep everyone from sales reps to managers aligned with operations by adding notes on customer profiles and orders.

Learn more about adding notes on LeafLink orders.

7. Incentivize Customers with Custom Menus and Promo Codes

Whether you already have negotiated special pricing with a customer, or want to give a break to one of your top buyers during this trying time, it’s worth being proactive about setting up custom menus and promo codes.

Learn how to create Custom Menus and Promo Codes on LeafLink.

Bonus Tip: Schedule Non-Work Related Activities with Your Team

Want to keep the team connect and spirits high? Try a non-work related activity – video conference happy hours, group lunch, and workout sessions are popular with Team LeafLink!

Bonus Tip: Keep Your Top Products Stocked

Cannabis sales are up in the coronavirus economy, so make sure your top products are stocked to keep up with demand. You should also consider letting your customers know that you’re open for business by sending emails with product information or posting on social media.

Bonus Tip: Give Back to the Cannabis Community

Last month, LeafLink community members 1906, Olio, Veritas, and Cookies started Friends in Weed, an organization that supports front-line staff in Colorado’s cannabis and service industry working during this time. Additionally, LeafLink community member Binske has teamed up with Feeding America to provide 5 free meals to those in need for every 1 wholesale order.

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