Shake Brands Corp

Discover how Shake Brands uses LeafLink to streamline content management, improve company bandwidths, and find new buyers.

Executive Summary

  • Shake Brands Corp. drives national brand growth through three manufactured product lines.
  • Company currently operates in Arkansas’ medical market with expansion hopes through licensing ventures under the Cannabis by WomenTM umbrella. CBD & ME® has reached regional success as an e-commerce platform.
  • Shake Brands use LeafLink to achieve substantial market visibility and credibility while also improving efficiency, developing connections with dispensary buyers, and facilitating worry-free online orders.

“We’ve found that the ease and convenience of sharing our brand to wholesalers on Leaflink’s platform on a daily basis is mission critical. It’s the only way to get our goods into the marketplace without locking eyes directly with a buyer or showcasing products at a trade event.”

Tig Davoulas | Chief Legal Officer, Shake Brands Corp.

Who is Shake?

Shake Brands Corp. (“Shake”) is the Johnson, Arkansas-based mother company of Shake Collaboration, LLC, designers of a diverse range of cannabis goods made by women. Shake’s core product lines include; Shake Extractions®; CBD & ME®; and Hydro Hemp Company® brands. Shake also offers industry support through Shake Collaboration®, providing canna-companies assistance with branding, manufacturing, packaging, design, trademark consulting and more.

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With an eye for expanding nationwide, Shake strives to build critical partnerships in the American South as part of its strategic regional market growth plan. After previous tech platforms left them feeling frustrated, Shake needed a simple solution capable of delivering ease, convenience and results.

The Challenge

Prior to working with LeafLink, Shake Brands ran into several substantial hurdles, namely external communication and brand education. Previous tech integrations underwhelmed, generating more frustration than positive results. Emails went unanswered and resources never materialized.

“Religiously updating powerpoint decks and sending pricing sheets, info about new items, etc. to a buyer over email(s) that are oftentimes ignored is incredibly frustrating and more importantly, was a big waste of time and resources.”

Without a reliable tech partner, Shake turned to slow and inefficient efforts to attract buyers. Relying on cold calling and door-to-door type efforts, the company found its momentum slowing in substantial ways.

The Solution

Shake Brands used LeafLink’s platform to improve its time management while increasing ease and convenience. With LeafLink’s central content management, digital media and communication capabilities increased, allowing Shake to get product information into the hands of a wider net of crucial buyers and budtenders faster than ever before. With a reliable tech tool like LeafLink, Shake got the conversation started faster than ever before, all at a fraction of the cost.

The improved communication and fewer delays in communication helped improve outreach efforts that had stalled using snail mail and cold outreach, all while reducing the company’s paper use and environmental impact.

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The Results

Cannalicious Labs uses LeafLink to form a seamless flow: from initial order placement to shipping and payment.

1. Centralized Content Creates Improves Industry Communication

LeafLink helped Shake get product info into the hands of critical players and thought leaders during the first interactions. With the ability to show their menu from their phones, Shake was able to immediately get the conversation started. Today, the company says their LeafLink menu is just as legitimate as sharing a business card.

2. Automation Reduces Staff Stress and Bandwidth Demands

Revenue Tracking Improves Internal Spirits The sales dashboard is considered a mood booster among Shake Brands, helping the team save time by offloading tedious tasks and reducing bandwidth demands.

3. Going Digital Saves Dollars

Moving education and product assets to LeafLink’s digital platform drastically reduced Shake’s paper costs and physical labor associated. With all its assets now digital, Shake saves on print costs and collateral materials. Instead of sending brochures or lugging paper to each meeting, Shake pulls up the needed documents before heading into their next Zoom meeting. Not only does this approach save time and money, it minimizes the brand’s environmental impact.

“We feel that access for all cannabis employees is paramount to understanding what products are available, how our products work and how they are created.”

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