Bud & Mary’s + LeafLink partnership boosts sales in 3 months

Bud & Mary’s strategically uses LeafLink’s Ads, CRM, and Insights to deliver capital-efficient growth.

Executive Summary

  • Bud & Mary’s drives cartridge sales with ad campaign on LeafLink
  • National sales team tracks customer communications in the integrated CRM
  • Leadership gains actionable data for capital-efficient growth


Bud & Mary’s is a vertically-integrated cannabis company that operates in Colorado, Iowa, and Michigan. Home to a family of lifestyle and medical cannabis brands, it takes a science-focused approach to research, cultivation, formulation, and dispensary operations. The company rebranded from MedPharm to Bud & Mary’s in 2022 to better showcase its family-owned and operated values.

Prior to partnering with LeafLink, Bud & Mary’s navigated the complexities of multi-state operations, confronting challenges such as diverse regulations across states, optimizing marketing spend within those regulations and ensuring consistent product quality across geographically-dispersed locations. Bud & Mary’s partnered with LeafLink as part of a strategic initiative to focus on delivering consistent, high quality experiences for their customers.

Ad campaign on the LeafLink Marketplace earns 10X ROAS

Competition for retail purchasing manager attention is fierce in Colorado. The team needed to get in front of about 1,000 dispensary buyers in the state to promote its Batch brand, signature all-in-one disposable vape cart. Communicating its unique selling points to a demographic of licensed, cannabis retail purchasing managers was proving difficult. Available advertising options including WeedMaps and social promotions, while valuable, were limited by regulations. While targeting the end consumer was also a goal, regulations made
it tough. Still, the team at Bud & Mary’s knew that reaching licensed purchasing managers who would buy Batch products in wholesale quantities was vital to success.

“We launched disposables with LeafLink Ads, and it created great brand awareness,” said Lindsey Fuchs, Bud & Mary’s Sales Director. “More brand awareness creates sales,” Fuchs said.

The creative team produced visually-stunning ads and placed them on the buyer’s dashboard, targeting retail license holders in Colorado.

Each ad unit cleverly served as a gateway to the Batch menu in LeafLink, where buyers can learn more about the products—and place purchase orders.

The results speak for themselves. The three-month ad campaign earned more than 17,000 impressions between December 2023 and February 2024, and resulted in a remarkable 130 wholesale purchase orders.

“We’ve been crushing sales lately, and we’re just entering our busy season,” Fuchs said. “The ad on the buyer dashboard was super effective at getting in front of people.”

Sales team stays organized with LeafLink CRM

With so many operators in their markets, the company’s lean sales team was challenged with keeping track of all the touch points in a customer relationship – in a consistent, scalable way. LeafLink technology helps the Bud & Mary’s sales team uphold its commitment to behaving as a trusted operator in the cannabis industry.

“There’s not a lot of software in the industry that I’m a fan of, but LeafLink has a great UI,” said Albert Gutierrez, President of MedPharm Holdings, which conducts business as Bud & Mary’s and its sub brand Batch. 

“I love how I can see who’s doing what in different states, who’s making sales, who’s not. I like having that accountability factor. With LeafLink, we have data points to support and ensure consistent communication with our customers, so we can follow through with our commitments to them,” Gutierrez said.

Bud & Mary’s leverages LeafLink’s comprehensive platform to streamline their workflows, from compliant order processing to efficiently tracking records of contacts with customers in all markets it serves. The sales team uses LeafLink to log emails, phone calls, texts, and other sales activities into LeafLink’s integrated CRM. 

A visual of the LeafLink CRM. Not real customer data.

“Our reps are in there every day logging their activity metrics,” 
said Lindsey Fuchs, Director of Sales. “We live and breathe LeafLink;
and if an activity isn’t in LeafLink, it didn’t happen.”

Bud & Mary’s gains data reports for capital efficient growth

Before launching their advertising campaign on LeafLink’s Marketplace, gathering data on ad campaign performance was a challenge. Today, LeafLink empowers the leadership team with daily performance reports, which helps them design data-driven, cost-effective growth strategies. The Advertising Insights report provides a comprehensive view of ad campaign performance data across the funnel, and details which retailers in the market have engaged and converted. This helps the lean sales team invest their valuable time into high-impact outreach that leads to revenue generation.

“We love to see the names of retailers that clicked on our ads, so we can send a rep to their store,” Fuchs said, describing the way she uses LeafLink data to create efficient growth plans.


The Batch ad campaign on LeafLink achieved a phenomenal ROAS of more than 10X over a 3 month period. This success is driven by Bud & Mary’s strategic use of LeafLink’s integrated suite of tools. The company’s sales team uses LeafLink CRM and Advertising Insights report to inform their growth plans. Having one system of record for the entire customer acquisition funnel empowers the team to produce data-driven strategies at scale. And as a bonus, Batch has earned the distinguished Certified Elite Seller badge in the LeafLink Marketplace.

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