Learn how Harborside used LeafLink to audit-proof their two California locations

Keep accurate records with LeafLink

The highly regulated cannabis industry requires brands and retailers to uphold standard professional and financial processes. LeafLink’s auto-generated invoices empower retailers to keep accurate records and show operational legitimacy.

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“The details from orders trickled in very slowly. Pre-2018, very few people brought us invoices at all! When somebody would come in without an invoice, we would hand them a blank sheet of paper and say: ‘You need to fill this out for us.’ It looked weird. Anyone could have written those invoices!”

Adrienne Mulligan | Supply Chain Manager, Harborside

Company Overview

Harborside is a retailer based in Northern California. They’ve been in business for 12 years and their sales team has used LeafLink for 1.5 years to order from the 85+ brands intheir 2 retail locations. California went through regulatory changes at the beginning of 2018 that made it more important for cannabis businesses to keep accurate records.

The Goal

Ensure an “audit-proof business” by surfacing payment information and providing transactional clarity between brands and retailers.

The Challenge

Before 2018, Harborside’s orders were tracked using Excel spreadsheets. Purchasing managers followed up with brands via email, calls, and texts. Often times invoices were handwritten on pieces of paper. There was no compliant paper trail. Harborside’s Purchasing Manager would spend 1-2 days per week wrangling documents to issue payments.

“Before, we were assessing quality. Now, we are assessing compliance. Having all the paper trails and proof that everything we’re doing is above-board is super helpful.”

The Solution

Auto-generated invoices prove a compliant business

Cannabis retail stores in regulated markets require organized transaction records. Harborside uses LeafLink’s auto-generated invoices to surface their transaction history and prove operational legality.

An evolving industry demands evolving operations

The regulatory changes enacted in early 2018 required Harborside to fundamentally change the way they do business and receive inventory.

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