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We Asked Cannabis Professionals Why They Love the Industry: Here Are 40 Reasons Why

Why cannabis professionals love what they do, and a few facts you may not know about the plant, the industry, and the history of both

In 2021, an estimated 360,000 to 440,000 Americans worked in the cannabis industry. As more markets like New York and New Jersey legalize adult use, those employed in the industry are expected to surpass the number of US bartenders (492,300) in 2022. Across brands, retailers, operators, and everything in between, there are many crucial perspectives that simply go untold.

In honor of Cannabis Awareness Month, we tapped into our network of cannabis professionals to learn more about their experiences as they build out this industry, and to find out what they think the rest of the world should know about cannabis. Who knows, maybe even the most seasoned cannabis connoisseur will learn something!

Here are the individual experiences of some of the spectacular professionals who are working to build and grow this industry every day, in their own words.

Why do you love what you do?

1. I love meeting the most interesting people in the cannabis industry. The nascent nature of the industry lends itself to creating a strong sense of community that can be lost in more mature industries. – Andrew Wells, Chief of Staff at Sorting Robotic

2. There’s so much going on in the industry that it can be hard to keep up as a consumer, but having the power to create a space to learn is what motivates me to be the best cannabis consultant they expect me to be. – Sendy Tapia, Cannabis Consultant at Elemental Wellness Center

3. I love to help people all around the world learn they don’t need to settle for dry, brittle cannabis flower. – Kate Holste, International Sales Executive at Boveda Inc.

4. You learn something new and meet a new friend every single day! – Amanda Ross, Wholesale Support Coordinator at Mazor Collective

5. [The cannabis industry] is the most diverse group of people, from all walks of life, ethnicities and backgrounds. I also love being a successful woman in a male dominated industry. – Stephanie Magill, Sales Executive at The Brand Labs

6. The love for this job comes from the rewarding feeling of helping someone daily whether it’s for medicinal or for recreational purposes. – Ofee Martinez, Manager at Roots 2 Harvest

7. I love how each person is so individualized in their medicating approach. As if it’s a ritualistic ceremony of sorts. – Cowboy Hadley, Assistant Manager and Lead Budtender

8. The benefits cannabis has on the economy – Most impactful is job creation. – Alex Whetstone, Manager at The Loud Flower

9. [The cannabis industry] is a complete roller coaster ride. – Scott R. Vessey II, Owner

10. Actually living the dream after 12 years of cannabis legalization activism – Jen Rog, Production Support Manager

11. Through strong communication and ethical business practices, my job allows me to make connections that last a lifetime! – Mei-Jing Bernard, Acquisition Manager at CBDiscovery

12. Working in cannabis allows me to be authentic and present in life. My current role allows me to focus on my strengths, receive support for my weaknesses, receive empathy and kindness from my team and leadership, be open about my needs, and most importantly feel like I’m part of something bigger. The list could go on and on as to why I love my job, this is an amazing industry to work in. Weed is tight.– Kaleb Vick, Director of Inventory and Fulfillment at Curador Brands

13. Meetings are actually fun and creative. We have all had to learn how to be creative and overcome obstacles. – Melinda Galloway, CEO of Khemia

14. It is a conduit for people to discover a new avenue in life. A path filled with deep experiences, changes in perspective, and leads to self-reflection and meaning in life. Cannabis offers a very spiritual connection that is difficult to find in today’s day and age. – Aunum Cadeau, President at The Olde Barber Cannabis Co.

15. Looking at trends of data in a very unpredictable market. Trying to forecast is sometimes throwing a dart at a moving target. It always keeps me on my toes. – Brian Ford, Director Sales Analytics at Canna Craft

16. Great people in a great industry where there’s never a dull moment. This industry is full of creativity, empowerment, and love. – Leilani Castillo, Marketing Coordinator at Binske

17. I love that we are in a new and nascent industry and have the ability to both build, craft and change policy. – Angela Cheng, SVP of Marketing and Communications at PacStone

18. You pass on education, support, and a sense of inclusion when you pass it to the left. Cannabis is just another word for community to me, and I’ve found my people through the connections cannabis has brought to me. – Ashley Jones, Sales Associate

19. What I love most about my job in Cannabis is that I was able to bring a professional business approach to the cannabis industry! I worked as an educator and administrator for 15 years and made great connections with my students. Then one of my former students/basketball players opened their own Distribution company and the rest is history! – Carlos Magna, Sales Executive at Canna Rise

20. Being able to supply affordable medicine and recreational cannabis to people all across the state. – Rachel Mater, Manager of Order Fulfillment

21. My coworkers are my favorite part of the job! Their open mindedness and support has made my job so much more fulfilling and enjoyable. – Gabi Uribe, Sales Coordinator at Remedy Yourself

22. I love building relationships with our customers. It is such an awesome feeling to be able to provide for a retail location and following up to make sure they have the best customer service possible. – Kelsey Palmer, Sales Rep at High Life Farms

23. I love helping to connect customers and patients with products that fit their individual needs. Our process captures the full potential of the plant, and educating consumers helps empower them to choose the right experience for them. – Robin Lindsay, Territory Sales Manager at Platinum Brands

24. I get to help and educate people on something that has saved my life countless times. – Dakota Brooks, Sales Account Manager at Radiant Distro

25. Educating consumers on the correct medicine. So many come in chasing the highest THC, to help with their ailments, and often need a different product. – Rob Speight, Owner, Manager, & Product Evaluator at Rob & Sons Cannabis Company

26. We heal people. – Darren Story, CFO at Coastal Sun Farms

27. I have the opportunity to work for a Black-Owned cannabis dispensary. – Kamille Jones, Inventory Manager

28. [The industry is] filled with diverse Innovators! – Andrew Santamaria, Operations Specialist at Columbia Care

29. [I love] helping people manage pain both physical and mental, and you get to meet so many beautiful and like minded people with the same goal. – Kailey Hatem, Kitchen Operations at Stash Fine Edibles & Concentrates

30. I love being able to provide the best medicine to the patients – Kara Roberts, Sales Representative

31. We like to say that ‘we make cannabis happen.’ – Nathan Russell, CEO at CustomPack Co.

32. I love meeting new people who are passionate about what they do and the cannabis industry. – Deven Shastri, Sales Representative at Akhi Canna

33. There is so much diversity and love in this industry, I have connections I’ve made that are so different from one another! Some stoners, some suits! It’s the coolest thing. – Scotty Thomas, Sales Consultant at Canna Rise

34. The ability to meet the patients needs with a quality product at a great price. – Mark Clem, Owner of Premier Cannabis

35. You get to meet cultivators from all over the state. – Julia Soto, Assistant Store Manager at 7Engines

36. We’re writing history. – Jennifer Kelley, Retail Purchasing Manager at Long Play

37. I love being able to set the standard for the cannabis industry. – Jasmine Akina, Intake Manager at Happy Leaf

38. I love being able to teach and change the perspective of medical marijuana and the miracles it can perform! – Julia Williams, Lead Budtender at High Rollers Dispensary

39. The ability connect and communicate in a community of like minded individuals that love the cannabis industry as much as I do – Dennis Dash, Sales Representative at SR Holdings

40. It’s always fun to hang with like-minded entrepreneurs. I’ve had some amazing opportunities based on my networking efforts. – Nico Nathan, Consultant at The Dispensary Doctor

When you love your job, you learn from it. We wanted to know more about the lesser-known industry trivia that our professionals could share with our community. Safe to say we learned a few fun facts ourselves.

Fun Facts About Cannabis

1. Cannabis was the first product ever sold online

2. Cannabis and chocolate work in the same receptors in the brain

3. Uruguay is the first country to ever legalize cannabis

4. States that legalized medical cannabis had 25% fewer opioid related deaths

5. There is a “Doomsday Vault” between the North Pole and Norway that houses essential seeds and other plant species, including cannabis

6. Bob Marley was buried with cannabis

7. California was the first state to make cannabis illegal

8. Beer hops are in the same family of flowering plants as cannabis

9. Morocco is the biggest grower of cannabis

10. Cannabis was given to the Chilean miners after they were trapped in the 2010 accident

11. Cannabis is legal in North Korea

12. There are more dispensaries in Colorado than Starbucks and McDonald’s combined

13. Under a 2008 ruling, Rastafarians can legally use cannabis in Italy as a religious act

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