LeafLink List 2019

Community • November 26, 2019

LeafLink List is an annual celebration of the amazing brands, products, and retailers in the LeafLink community and how they are shaping the cannabis industry. LeafLink List 2019 features over 125 businesses across 15 cannabis markets in North America.

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This year, we welcomed cannabis businesses from Connecticut, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, and Washington DC to LeafLink List. We also added the following new categories:

Top Retailers – Top Buyers and Fastest Growing Retailers from 2019

Market Influencers – Retailers whose purchasing patterns show that they’re able to predict up-and-coming products

Taste Testers – Retailers with a track record of sampling products that are new to the marketplace

Best Purchase Variety – Retailers who consistently purchase the largest assortment of products in their market

Industry Innovators – Brands and retailers who have embraced new LeafLink technology, products, and methods in order to improve the experience of their customers

Tinctures & Sublinguals – This category showed huge growth over the past year, and we wanted to feature some of the exciting new products that are available

We’ve been thrilled by the incredible response we’ve seen from the

LeafLink List Love

We’ve been thrilled by the incredible response we’ve seen from the LeafLink community on social media! Here are a few of the most creative Instagram posts we’ve seen:

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For the full List of LeafLink List winners, go to LeafLinkList.com.

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