For Retailers | April 4, 2023

Increase Your Team’s Productivity with the LeafLink x Flourish Integration

Learn how the LeafLink x Flourish integration offers advanced inventory management capabilities to our customers.

Flourish is a leading seed-to-sale supply chain management platform for the cannabis, CBD, and hemp industries. Serving license holders across the supply chain, Flourish sits at the center of the cannabis technology ecosystem. The company takes immense pride in its robust portfolio of industry-specific software for cultivators, manufacturers, processors, wholesalers, distributors and retailers.

The company offers a range of flexible, comprehensive systems, including robust API and support integrations. Flourish simplifies compliance by integrating with state compliance systems to capture essential business data. Clients also benefit by improving operational efficiency, including seed-to-sale tracking and more in-depth analytics.

Launched in 2017, Flourish is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Tasked with providing clients with a range of services, Flourish partnered with LeafLink to improve the distribution leg of the supply chain for Flourish’s customers.

Partnership Overview

LeafLink helps Flourish’s customers by offering advanced inventory capabilities. The benefits generated are especially useful for companies with multiple sales reps. LeafLink helps these reps by providing a central source of truth even when business spans multiple regions or territories.

Benefits also extend to fulfillment managers. With LeafLink, managers can refer back to Flourish anytime to check the status of LeafLink orders and take action when needed–all done from the convenience of one central solution.

Stay better in the loop as well. Flourish customers get notified via orders placed on LeafLink. Once notified, clients can take action on anything needed, including:

1. Gathering necessary delivery manifest templates and COAs for compliance

2. Preparing products for fulfillment

3. Tracking inventory count with real-time updates

Key Capabilities

LeafLink’s partnership with Flourish provides the seed-to-sale platform’s clients with various capabilities that improve distribution efficiency. Helping provide critical support, LeafLink helps Flourish customers with many features, products and services, such as:

Inventory: Flourish customers receive real-time updates on product inventory levels ordered on LeafLink

Orders: Orders created in LeafLink are pushed to Flourish. From there, customers get status updates on Leaflink as Flourish fulfills the order. Any errors will carry over across both systems.

Customers: Flourish customers are kept in sync between the two systems, even if they need help getting there. When LeafLink “Customers” submit an order, we’ll check to see if the customer, or “Destination,” exists in Flourish. If the Destination isn’t set up, we’ll create one for seamless cohesion.

Items: Items are kept and tracked between Flourish and LeafLink. “Products” in LeafLink are known as “Items” in Flourish. Flourish sends updates about items to LeafLink, including real-time quantity tracking. Flourish customers can save even more time by bulk updating in Flourish.

Payments: Flourish customers get to choose which system they want to track payments with and then receive records and statuses across both platforms.

Warehousing: Customers with multiple warehouses can map LeafLink products to respective Flourish fulfillment locations. Using LeafLink’s Inventory Feature, companies can eliminate the need for guesswork while precisely determining their warehouse needs.

Key Benefits

By opting into LeafLink’s various integrations, Flourish customers experience a number of benefits. With LeafLink, Flourish customers can save time, increase efficiency and improve workflows. Here’s how:

Spend less time managing inventory: Flourish and LeafLink automatically track stock levels, making inventory management across multiple warehouses easy. Plus, automatic tracking streamlines the pick, pack, and ship process for employees in charge of order fulfillment.

Increase team efficiency: Save time and enable business operations to run more smoothly. Once integrated, customers can toggle between Flourish and LeafLink to update information.

Automate business workflows: Automate menu generation and updates in LeafLink, with the integration providing real-time inventory updates across both platforms.

Integrating LeafLink into your Flourish account is seamless. But don’t take our word for it. Hear from a customer, like Alpine Vapor’s Senior Account Manager, Krystal Strunc.

“The teams from both LeafLink and Flourish were extremely helpful,” Strunc said. She added, “We were able to solve any problems quickly, and were able to sync the systems and begin use of both within one week.”

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