For Retailers | October 26, 2023

6 New Benefits for Wholesale Cannabis Sellers on LeafLink

Q3 was an exciting quarter here at LeafLink! Making our customer experiences smoother and more efficient is core to our cause, and last quarter showcased that in a number of ways. Many sellers are already enjoying what we rolled out in Q3. But in case you missed anything, here’s a recap to get you all caught up.

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LeafLink’s new features are helping sellers:

• Quickly update inventory pricing and availability – in bulk
• Automate seed-to-sale compliance with imported BioTrack and Metrc data
• Simplify sending payments to multiple vendors
• See the status of a Metrc transfer
• Reduce data entry errors
• Drive sales with search ad campaigns

Want more details? Of course you do, keep reading!

Optimize Inventory Management Workflows With The Bulk Product Editor & Our Seed-to-Sale Integration

July saw us waving goodbye to a lot of hassle and saying hello to simplicity.

Instead of making tedious product-by-product price updates, LeafLink’s new Bulk Product Editor allows sellers to make sweeping updates to inventory prices, availability and more. Using the Bulk Product Editor saves sellers time on data entry and makes it easier to adapt to emerging market conditions. Visit the Inventory tab to check this feature out and discover the difference it can make! Our Bulk Editor is available in all the markets we serve – nationwide.

We know how much double-data entry can frustrate you, and your inventory manager. This was especially true for companies importing their seed-to-sale data into LeafLink from BioTrack. Thanks to our new BioTrack integration, LeafLink customers in Arkansas, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, New Mexico, New York, and Puerto Rico can breathe easier knowing that’s a thing of the past. Stay compliant and trace every transaction with LeafLink!

We also tackled payment logging. With our new payment status automation, customers no longer have to update closed deals on their own. Instead, LeafLink now updates the order status for you when a payment is sent. This feature is available in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC.

Leverage ACH Payments and Gain Visibility Via Integrations

August’s primary goal was to make the seller’s customer experience easier in several ways.

First, we improved manifest monitoring for Metrc users. No more tedious toggling between platforms as you transfer inventory from license to license. See incoming and outgoing transfer statuses – in LeafLink! LeafLink members in Alaska, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Oregon can all discover the difference today.

We also brought payment modernization to one of the hottest cannabis markets in America–Michigan! With ACH payments now available, LeafLink users across the state can finally do away with risky, analog payment processes and enjoy efficient, secure, and hassle-free transactions. Now available for buyers and sellers!

Grow Your Wholesale Cannabis Business With Our New Product Creator Tool and Search Ads

In September, we introduced solutions aimed at helping brands grow more efficiently and reach customers easier than ever before.

Our new Product Creator tool was just released and we couldn’t be more excited! Not only does this feature help your company stay compliant, but it also helps you list inventory for sale faster. After importing Metrc data into LeafLink’s Seed to Sale feature, we can automatically create product listings to save you time. Your brand, product name, category, growing operation and unit of measure will be filled in. All you’ll have to do is confirm quantities and add photos to add them to your menu! LeafLink customers nationwide can now get their hands on this game-changing feature–don’t miss out!

Speaking of game changing… With our new search ads, sellers can now build their brand and capture warm leads. Not only do these new advertising placements help you strategically influence your customer acquisition funnel, they also operate on a pay-per-click basis. Set a budget and only pay for results.

And get this: When a customer clicks on your ad, we’ll provide you with a warm lead list of who clicked on it so you can nurture that lead – and track pipeline in our CRM! Use our new category and keyword search ads to reach verified dispensary buyers who are searching for what your company offers. LeafLink customers in Oklahoma, Colorado, Missouri, and Oregon can run search ad campaigns in the LeafLink Marketplace. Coming soon to the rest of the country!

And that’s an overview of our busy, productive Q3. We hope these enhancements are making your work more seamless and effective. Want to learn more about any of these features or what LeafLink has to offer your brand? Talk to your account manager or book a demonstration!

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