For All | January 31, 2022

The Wholesale Cannabis Pricing Guide 2022 Is Now Available!

Buying and selling at the right price is absolutely crucial when it comes to growing your cannabis business faster. To get there, you need the Wholesale Cannabis Pricing Guide 2022 – download it today!

Price points aren’t just for consumer retail, they’re the foundation of scaling revenue and accelerating growth in wholesale cannabis as well. But before you can find the best price points, it’s essential to have a strong understanding of the pricing landscape in your region across every product category you sell.

Each year, we produce the Wholesale Cannabis Pricing Guide to serve as the premier industry standard for pricing data, and to show the competition between cannabis categories across markets and at a national level.

Our latest edition is now available, download it today!

What is the Wholesale Cannabis Pricing Guide?

The Wholesale Cannabis Pricing Guide is an exclusive, in-depth analysis of wholesale cannabis pricing across 10 legal cannabis markets in the United States. This year, we analyzed pricing across a range of categories, including cartridges, concentrates, flower, pre-rolls, and edibles & ingestibles.

We compare pricing for individual markets, including AK, MI, NV, CA, OK, CO, AZ, OR, WA, and MA, to the national average, as well as dive deep into how pricing impacts sales performance.

To develop these data-driven insights and conclusions, we look at transactional data across LeafLink’s industry-leading platform which now includes over 10,000 brands, retailers, and distributors.

Powered by our suite of real-time data and analytics tools

The Wholesale Cannabis Pricing Guide is powered by our suite of real-time data and analytics tools, including MarketScape for brands and Buyer Metrics for retailers. Our data-driven tools empower the LeafLink community to better understand the data that is driving their success, and to optimize their sales performance over time.

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