For All | October 19, 2021

Reflecting on Hispanic-Latinx Heritage Month and the Cannabis Industry

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Highlighting Latinx-owned cannabis companies, along with their founders and their achievements in the industry.

The cannabis industry remains in a period of rapid growth – made up of emerging brands, retailers, and markets that are shaping the future of cannabis every day. As the industry grows, LeafLink continues our efforts towards building a more inclusive and equitable cannabis community. As an organization, we understand the priority for representation of minority groups including Hispanic and Latinx populations is vital in the progression of us as a company and as an industry.

As the largest unified cannabis platform, it’s our social responsibility to celebrate the achievements, provide visibility, advocate and support the diverse businesses that drive our community forward.

As Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month concludes, it’s been a reflection period as we honor the cultural and economic influence that these communities have on decades of our societal advancement. We also acknowledge the history of cannabis prohibition policies and prejudice toward Mexican immigrants that have had decades of negative impacts on the Hispanic & Latinx community.

Recognizing these factors is what equips LeafLink with the tools to drive for more dialogue and change so that we’re continually working to amplify the voices of our customers, partners, and community.

Today, we’re excited to celebrate LeafLink’s customers and partners Carolina Vasquez Mitchell, owner of Ciencia Labs and founder of the brands Dreamt and Luchador as well as Mike Moya, owner of Dulze. We explore their achievements within the industry and what it means to be representing the Latinx community in cannabis.


The science and story behind Carolina’s ‘Ciencia Labs’

“Ciencia”, or science in Spanish, is the namesake of the lab Carolina founded in 2019, where her team creates Ciencia Labs’ various products. She shares that her Mexican background and nationality is at the forefront of everything that she creates and a reminder of the strong spirit instilled by her mother growing up.

“Growing up in Mexico, my mother cleaned houses and we had very little money. But I always knew education, entrepreneurship, and coming to the United States are the keys to a better life.

I came to the United States when I was 24 to work as a researcher at USC and from that point on, as a cannabis scientist, and now as a cannabis company founder, I’ve consistently been the only Mexican immigrant or Latina in the room.

I’m blazing a path for other Latinas and Mexicans to follow and I hope that by seeing my success they are inspired to seek success of their own. And then, in turn, inspire others.”

The inherent drive and entrepreneurship have shown to be successful as Carolina continues to thrive in the industry with the release of Ciencia Labs brands, ‘Dreamt’ and ‘Luchador’. Dreamt provides sleep aid products with combinations of THC, CBD, and Melatonin sleeping compounds in the form of gummies, tinctures, and inhalant pens. Luchador, with the name inspired by masked professional Mexican wrestling, provides energizing THC gummy products with unique Latin-inspired flavors such as cucumber chili-lime and pineapple mango.

The making of Dulze and Mike’s vision for the brand

Dulze, founded in 2020 with a name inspired by Latin decadents, has Mike Moya’s Mexican heritage proudly infused in many different areas of the business. The High Times Top Cannabis Chef Winner and Founder explains why his Hispanic culture is a core value of the company.

At Dulze we want to showcase Hispanic culture while bringing it into the modern age of cannabis. As the first Mexican-owned cannabis-infused gummy company in California, visibility is incredibly important to us.

We are establishing a new culture that breaks away from the stigmas that were typically associated with cannabis. Our edibles were first created to help my abuelita with her arthritis and since then they have been abuelita approved.”

Dulze’s milestone of breaking into the business as the first Mexican-owned brand in California is monumental in opening the doors for the possibilities of more emerging brands within the area. Dulze’s THC gummy line, with flavors including, ‘Horchata’ and ‘Pina Colada’, incorporates Mike’s Hispanic & Latin heritage with low-dosage treats for customers to enjoy.

LeafLink recognizes that true advocacy, transparency, and support to diverse groups is continued work beyond any heritage month – and we’re committed to it. We’re proud to work through our products, services, internal representation, and voices within our organization to support businesses led by underrepresented groups. Together, we’re shaping what it means to truly live our values of cultivating a better cannabis community at large. If you too share those values and would like to join our journey, check out our careers page.

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