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October 2022 Product Spotlight

Product Resources • October 27, 2022

Thank you for checking out our October product updates, including an enhanced Vendor Menu for sellers who wish to manage multiple brands using a single menu, in-app dispute management for LeafLink Payments, an improved order workflow for any seller-generated orders for our Retail Fulfillment offering, and more! Take a look below to see what LeafLink has been up to in the last month.

Below, we’ll share product updates from the past month. Interested in learning more about these features? Visit our Knowledge Base for more details or reach out to to speak with our team directly.




Enhanced Vendor Menu

We’ve made improvements to our Vendor Menu, so that sellers can display products from their multiple brands onto one menu. The Vendor Menu feature is particularly useful for large distributors and MSOs who tend to house multiple brands under one parent account. This allows these sellers to direct their buyers to a single URL for all their purchasing needs, which means buyers can quickly browse a central menu, add products to cart and then checkout without needing to toggle between individual brand pages.

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New and Improved Order Summary Page

LeafLink users will now see an enhanced, more intuitive version of the Order Summary page, reducing the clicks it takes to make critical changes to an order, such as status or shipping date.

Improvements include:

– Moving Shipping Details to the top of the page, and additionally conveying that information in the Order Information section

– The ability to edit all Order Information fields synchronously, by clicking the pencil icon in the top right corner of the box

– Showcasing a “sales price tag” icon where products on the order have been discounted

– Moving the batch editing option to below the product name


In-app Dispute Resolution

We’re bringing dispute management directly into the LeafLink Payments user experience, in which our Payments customers can share information, communicate, and resolve issues without having to leave the platform. Users will be able to enter the dispute and its supporting documentation from directly within a modal screen, and check the status of a dispute in our newly created Disputes tab, from the left side nav menu! As disputes are responded to or resolved, we will notify users via email. This enhancement will result in faster time to dispute resolution, a centralized dispute and relevant documentation storage, and seamless in-app communication between sellers and buyers.

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Metrc Integration Setup at Onboarding

We’ve made it easier to integrate with Metrc, the seed-to-sale tracking system used in most US markets by modernizing the elements on the integration modal to make them more intuitive. Easily enter the API key, select the license, and turn on the data syncing with our inventory or manifest generator features. Then choose staff members who are permitted to use them. Lab test states and locations can be excluded, making it easier to focus on the products that can generate revenue for the business now. This has been relocated to the Settings/ License Management page, so that users can upload their business license and set up their Metrc integration within the same workflow.

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Improved SGO Flow for Retail Fulfillment Orders

LeafLink has made it easier for sellers to ship products to a partner warehouse, where that seller is creating an order on behalf of a Retail Fulfillment customer. As they search for the corresponding name in the Customer field, they’ll see the phrase “eligible to ship to a warehouse” appear under the Customer Name in the pull-down menu. The locations where the order can be delivered will automatically appear in a new “Deliver to” pull-down menu on the order. The seller can quickly choose to ship the order to the warehouse, and we’ll let the warehouse know a shipment is on its way by automatically generating and sending them an Advance Shipment Notice. This helps reduce the time needed to process an order and decreases the potential for errors in the process.

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