For All | September 27, 2022

LeafLink expands services to simplify the wholesale cannabis supply chain in California, Michigan, and Oregon

The past year has taught us that the most efficient cannabis businesses are going to be the long-term winners. Here at LeafLink, we’re committed to providing you with the tools you need to not only succeed, but to drive sustainable growth regardless of shifting market conditions. Make sure you’re set up to win with LeafLink and our best-in-class wholesale cannabis supply chain solutions — now available in California, Michigan and Oregon.

Save time, save money, grow faster

With this launch, buyers and sellers can now gain the benefits of LeafLink’s extensive fulfillment network. Combined with the power of the full platform including Payments and Marketplace, you can now sell, buy, pay, borrow, store, ship and more for one affordable price with LeafLink.

Brand Fulfillment

Brands gain a full team of cannabis supply chain experts to take picking, packing, and compliance off of your plate, better visibility at every stage, secure and predictable deliveries, and options to fit your specific business needs. It’s a turnkey fulfillment service that makes seller’s lives easier with every order.

Brand Fulfillment is great for brands who feel like:

“My order volume is too large!”

“I have too many systems to manage!”

“I need more storage space!”

“I can’t deliver my orders fast enough!”

Here’s what Tim Schuler, CEO of Cannalicious Labs has to say:

“If you’re out of stock for one day out of a week, that could be 14% of sales. A week per month and it’s even more. Having the ability to have direct distribution and multiple deliveries per month will alleviate out of stocks because buyers can purchase the quantities that they need. In the past, they’d have to wait for a threshold of volume that they’re comfortable with which can potentially cost us long term. Not anymore, thanks to LeafLink.”

Retail Fulfillment

Retail Fulfillment is a powerful offering for dispensaries trying to operate more efficiently. We warehouse, pack, and deliver inventory on a predictable schedule. That means you’ll get inventory when and where you need it, and you don’t have to worry about costly stockouts. Track all of your products in our Replenishment Dashboard, and easily transfer them to storefront with just a few clicks.

Retail Fulfillment is great for retailers who say things like:

“I’m spending too much time and money counting and receiving inventory!”

“I’m missing out on sales and disappointing my customers because I run out of popular products!”

“I can’t negotiate volume discounts or lower cost of goods because I don’t have the space to store the inventory!”

“I can’t meet inventory demands because my cash is tied up in day-to-day operations!”

Here’s what Jon Saco, COO of March and Ash shared about Retail Fulfillment:

“Two years ago, if I ordered something from a vendor and it didn’t come on the truck I’d have to wait two weeks to get that truck back down with the product. With LeafLink, I can press a button and get that product the next day. I’m able to fix these problems a lot easier now and our out of stocks are getting a lot better.”

Together, these offerings will drive increased efficiency and growth in California, Michigan, and Oregon markets. And soon we’ll be bringing them to legal states across the country, so stay tuned!

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