For All | March 5, 2024

Stash Mountain: Hand-Crafted Cannabis Making Waves in Oregon

In the green expanses of Southern Oregon resides Stash Mountain, a boutique cultivator making a name for itself in the state with premium flower that keeps customers coming back. Female-owned and family-run, Stash Mountain was founded in 2012 by Jessica Larrucea and her husband Travis McGram, a second generation grower. Stash Mountain’s success is built on years of cultivation experience and an innovative approach to technology, allowing them to carve out a stellar reputation in the medicinal market. This past year, they’ve also expanded into the Oregon recreational market, putting their premium bud in the hands of adult-use customers across the state.

“Our motto is simple – grow good weed, and for over a decade we’ve been establishing our name and building trust in the medicinal market with our flower,” said Jessica. “That approach has been a key component of our success so far and really secured the longevity of Stash Mountain. We’re so excited to bring our passion for the plant to the wider recreational market and show the industry why we love what we do.”

At Stash Mountain, quality is not a buzzword; it’s the cornerstone of the entire operation. The real magic happens in the grow facility designed specifically with sustainability as a priority. The Stash Mountain team employs the latest cultivation technologies across three state-of-the-art flower rooms. Their control over every environmental detail during each growth phase guarantees that no matter the conditions outside, the greens within remain untouched in their consistency and yield.

As cannabis becomes more and more mainstream, consumers seek brands that not only provide a superior product but also align with values of sustainability, social equity, and innovation. Stash Mountain takes the – do it right, even if it’s the harder way – approach to everything and that’s in-part thanks to the fact that they’re completely self-funded. As a female-owned business, they’re also paving the way for a more inclusive industry.

“I love cannabis and the cannabis community. I think that love is the driving force behind our business. It’s just different and I like that,” said Jessica. “I also love being a female in cannabis, and I like to challenge the stereotypes of us. I think it’s helping carve out a space for us in the industry.”

Another aspect that sets Stash Mountain apart is not just innovation in cultivation but its relationship with the earth and the soil used. The team ensures a pure, unadulterated medium for the plants to thrive by replacing the dirt every run. This practice of using fresh steam-cleaned, sterilized dirt room to room addresses any issue head-on, guaranteeing optimal conditions for growth. Stash Mountain’s process is intentional and unrushed, something that’s pretty rare in an emerging industry that’s rushing to meet the growing demand of customers. Post-harvest care is a great example. The plants undergo a drying process in temperate and climate controlled area before being moved to industry-leading trimmers who hand-trim the plant. 

Stash Mountain has distinguished itself as a trailblazer. They are a testament that future-forward thinking and tradition can cultivate wonders. They’ve been a LeafLink customer since 2021 and you can view their public menu here!

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