For Retailers | September 19, 2023

Customer Spotlight: Presidential Cannabis

“We’re 100% focused on creating quality products that are organic, without the use of pesticides. We use modern technology and a proprietary method, infusing the concentrate all the way down to the stem, which makes our pre-rolls unique.”

Getting started
In 2012, Everett Smith was living in Las Vegas and had just wrapped up his pro basketball career when he was approached by someone looking to bring a cannabis product to life. At that time cannabis was still a taboo thing, but the vision was there. After just three months, Everett packed up and moved to California, officially launching Presidential. A few months into the move, Everett was working hard packing and selling as much as he could and met another influential person in the cannabis industry, John Zapp. John was a seasoned entrepreneur and business person and in 2013, they started working together, growing the company and developing a more formal business structure. Fast-forward over a decade later, Presidential is one of the most well-known pre-roll brands in the industry, producing high-potency moon rocks guaranteed to send you to the moon and back.

Where are they now
Headquartered in California, Presidential has around 80 employees spread across the U.S. in states like Michigan, California, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, and more. Presidential made its name for itself with high-potency infused pre-rolls. They burn slowly, have a great high, and come in a huge array of flavors like strawberry, grape, blue raspberry, peach-mango, classic, and many more. What isn’t there to like about this?

Keeping customers happy with pure products
According to Everett, customer response to their moon rocks has been excellent but they are constantly listening to customer feedback, incorporating interesting and creative ideas into new roll-outs. From different flavors to different collaborations, Presidential is always striving to improve. But moon rocks didn’t always have a stellar reputation. Back around 2018, companies producing them were using low quality ingredients, inefficient infusing methods, and the result was a mediocre product. Enter the Presidential team who made it their mission to change that. To tackle the negative perception, they took on the challenging task of doing things the right way. They focused on pure, raw, extremely high-quality ingredients. They use a modern, proprietary process to infuse concentrate into the flower all the way down to the stem and then coat the flower with high-grade kief. The result is a premium product that keeps customers coming back.

On top of that, Presidential began collaborating with others. In an industry where relationships mean everything, Presidential is always on the lookout to do something unique with new and up-and-coming brands, or larger established companies – as long as they are equally obsessed with delivering a quality product and embody the same collaborative spirit. There is also an element of supporting the industry, giving an opportunity to businesses of all sizes to reach new customers and have a moment to shine through a joint project.

“We’re about being a team – teamwork makes the dream work.” Said Everett. “We’re 100% focused on creating quality products that are organic, without the use of pesticides. We use modern technology and a proprietary method, infusing the concentrate all the way down to the stem, which makes our pre-rolls unique.”

An everyday grind to stay on top
What’s next for a brand that has established itself as a household name? While the broader industry continues to experience growing pains, Presidential has an eye on a few locations to open new shops and get their products in the hands of more customers. With 10 years of business in California, seven months in Nevada, four months in Michigan, and wrapping up nearly two months in Arizona, there is a lot more room to grow. But it’s an everyday hustle mentality that keeps Presidential on top, watching and analyzing market trends, the next up-and-coming brand, or the next new strain – all the while making sure they deliver a product that never disappoints.

Presidential has been a LeafLink customer since 2018. If you haven’t tried what Presidential is making yet, be sure to check them out on the LeafLink Marketplace and discover why their products are so well-regarded.

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