For All | March 29, 2022

Automate Your Operations With LeafLink X Distru

Save time and increase workflow efficiency by syncing orders, inventory, and products with our Distru integration.

No matter what tools you use to run your business, we strive to help you automate your wholesale cannabis operations as much as possible through key software integrations.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at how our Distru integration will help you save time and improve your brand’s workflow.

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LeafLink x Distru Integration benefits

– Reduce overselling by keeping your inventory in sync across the platforms

– Remove error-prone, manual double data entry from your operations

– Streamline fulfillment by automating order creation

– Create Metrc transfer manifests faster

How It Works

Distru is a seed-to-sale software that touts itself as, “One tool for CRM, inventory management, order fulfillment, and staying compliant with Metrc.” This means tracking your inventory as it makes its way through the cannabis supply chain. With the LeafLink x Distru integration, you can save time and reduce risk by eliminating the need for manual and duplicate data entry.

Inventory counts and product details are sent from Distru to LeafLink in real time. As orders are placed on LeafLink, details are sent to Distru which automatically creates Metrc transfer manifests.

Orders (LeafLink to Distru)

Orders from LeafLink automatically populate in Distru, eliminating the risk and
time of manual data entry. Sales orders that are updated or deleted in Distru will
change automatically in LeafLink as well.

Products (Distru to LeafLink)

Update any product attributes such as name, SKU, price, etc. in Distru and the
attributes will be updated in LeafLink. You can also disconnect products in Distru
and the change will be synced with LeafLink.

Inventory (Distru to LeafLink)

Inventory levels from Distru sync with LeafLink, ensuring buyers always know
exactly what products are available for sale.

Note: Orders sync every 3 minutes, while Products and Inventory sync every 10 minutes.

If you have support questions, reach out to your Distru CSR for assistance. For more information, head to Distru’s LeafLink Integration page and Checklist for Success.

Ready to get started? Reach out to your Distru CSR.

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