Introducing LeafLink Logistics

Streamline shipping for your team and your customers

With LeafLink’s end-to-end supply chain technology, you can centralize all your operations on one platform - from order management, to fulfillment, to payments. Now, thanks to LeafLink’s shipping technology, brands and distributors can simplify the shipping process, which means reduced labor for your teams and a better experience for your retail customers.

wholesale cannabis shipping totes

Features for Brands & Distributors

Elevate your shipments with LeafLink


LeafLink Shipping System

Leverage our proprietary tools and systems to reduce manual error, save time, and streamline operations

Reliable Shipments

Know exactly when your orders will be picked up and how soon you can expect them to be delivered by assigning them through LeafLink Logistics

Superior Retailer Experience

Improve the experience for your customers by offering digital tracking updates and predictable, fast shipping times

Payment at Time of Delivery

Get paid as soon as a shipment is complete and your order is received when you use LeafLink Financial


Team of Fulfillment Experts

Rely on our team of fulfillment experts and vetted local transportation partners to ensure your shipping and delivery process is smooth and hassle-free

Operations Experience Manager

Work directly with your dedicated point of contact to streamline your operation, make delivery planning more efficient, and improve your cost structure

How It Works

By leveraging LeafLink’s Shipping System, you can standardize wholesale shipments, increase efficiency, and create a predictable experience for retailers. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how it works.

Step 1

You schedule your shipment

Once your customer or sales team places an order on the marketplace, you can schedule your shipment for delivery directly through the LeafLink platform

Step 2

Fulfillment team packs your orders

After a shipment is scheduled, your fulfillment team can then use the LeafLink Shipping System to ensure that all packages are correctly and securely prepared

Step 3

Transporter picks up your order

You’ll receive a tracking email that includes a map of where local drivers are in relation to your facility, letting you know exactly how long it will be before pickup

Step 4

Transporter delivers your order

Once an order has been picked up, your Operations Experience Manager will reach out to retailers to confirm shipment details and tracking information, giving them full visibility into their order status

Step 5

You get a daily shipping summary

At the end of each day, you’ll get an in-platform notification with details about every order that was shipped and delivered, along with retailer payment details - cash, check, or LeafLink Financial

What clients are saying

"Before LeafLink Logistics, we used secure transport companies with prices all over the place, and it was a burden to manage multiple providers. LeafLink Logistics solves this problem by providing cost savings and predictability to our operation which is critical to driving our growth goals."

john brueck headshot

John Brueck

Chief Operating Officer, Glorious Cannabis

"LeafLink Logistics has significantly reduced our labor costs with their use of totes and scanners to quickly prepare orders for pickup. We can’t imagine doing business without them!"

chad wurtzel headshot

Chad Wurtzel

Managing Member, Sky Labs

"LeafLink Logistics has truly made our lives easier by streamlining our delivery operations. Our team used to spend over an hour manually preparing orders, but using the LeafLink Shipping System is quick and hassle-free."

paul hoskins headshot

Paul Hoskins

Partner, Apothecare

Solutions You Can See

What streamlined shipment looks like

With LeafLink Logistics, brands can count on a faster, more reliable delivery experience for their customers.

Time Saved


On average, brands and distributors spend 75% less time dealing with transporters

On Time Rate


96% of orders are delivered within an hour of the ETA

Orders Delivered


LeafLink Logistics has delivered over 4,600 orders since launch

Next Day Delivery Coverage


95% of orders qualify for next day delivery