About Us

LeafLink is setting the standard for B2B marketplace technology

It's our mission to arm growing businesses with the tools they need. By virtualizing the supply chain, we're redefining B2B commerce - starting with the cannabis industry.

Our Values

Execution & Trust

Customers can depend on our solutions and our team to serve them every day. Teammates rely on each other to do right for the company and each other, executing with autonomy and accountability.

Attitude & Communication

We are passionate, proactive, constant, direct, constructive, and effective. This empowers us to openly communicate, working through inevitable challenges while understanding the needs of our customers and our colleagues.

Celebration & Reflection

What we are doing is challenging. Hard-earned achievements deserve recognition; failures deserve reflection and rapid course correction.

Progress & Innovation

We solve real problems, iterating toward industry standard-setting ideas using a series of thoughtful steps that are achievable, practical and in line with our Purpose. This allows for a constant, deliverable value stream that culminates in game-changing offerings.

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Our story

Ryan G. Smith
Co-founder & CEO
Zach Silverman
Co-founder & CTO

Ryan G. Smith and Zach Silverman started LeafLink with one goal in mind: to streamline the cannabis supply chain. Since 2016, LeafLink has been focused on building tools that directly address and empower the cannabis community.

At the same time, we are defining the future of supply chains leveraging B2B marketplace technology. Here are some of our greatest milestones to date.

March 2016

We processed our first order in Colorado

August 2017

We hit $100 million in annualized orders

November 2017

We closed our $10 million Series A

April 2018

We launched on the East Coast via Maryland

March 2019

We launched LeafLink International to expand across the world, starting with Canada

July 2019

We hit $1 billion in annualized orders

August 2019

We closed our $35 million Series B

July 2020

We closed a $250 million debt facility to fuel LeafLink Financial

August 2020

We hit $3 billion in annualized orders

December 2020

We closed our $40 million Series C

Our Offices

New York

New York, NY


Los Angeles, CA


San Francisco, CA


Denver, CO


Austin, TX


Toronto, ON


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