For Retailers | September 12, 2022

Sell, buy, pay, borrow, store, ship and more for one price

Managing your wholesale cannabis commerce, payments, and logistics can be expensive. With LeafLink’s full platform pricing, you can streamline and centralize your business operations while saving on costs. Customers that take full advantage of bundled pricing reduce their monthly operational expenses by 20% on average. Capitalize on LeafLink’s powerful end-to-end functionality and leverage the efficiencies of our scale while reinvesting the money you’ll save into growing your business.

LeafLink just made it easier to save time and reduce your wholesale expenses! We’re streamlining how you pay for our wholesale cannabis solutions, ensuring every cannabis business can harness the full value our platform provides across LeafLink’s logistics solutions, payment tools, and industry-leading marketplace. Combined into one invoice, it’s never been easier to take advantage of everything that LeafLink provides for growing cannabis businesses.

When you compare LeafLink to individual solutions for your business needs, customers that take advantage of the full platform reduce their monthly operational expenses by 20% on average. As you scale, we offer additional discounts which increases the ROI you’re getting over time with our centralized platform.

LeafLink is most effective when the full platform is working together, and now it’s more affordable than ever to take advantage of the combined solutions to reduce your wholesale expenses and grow your business faster.

Here’s what you get with LeafLink

Reduce your monthly operational expenses by 20% on average

When you compare LeafLink’s cohesive wholesale cannabis platform to buying separate solutions to drive your business growth, the value becomes clear. LeafLink customers taking full advantage of bundled pricing reduce their operational expenses by 20% on average, which they can reinvest in more important things like delivering the best consumer experience.

Increase your efficiency with the full LeafLink platform

Our solutions are built to work together to help you with all of your wholesale cannabis business needs. With LeafLink Marketplace, Payments, and Logistics working together, you’ll save hours on workflows, improve your reporting, and eliminate the headaches caused by disconnected systems.

Pay with one simplified invoice

You need systems for accounting, distribution, collecting payments, and more — which can come with varying costs and payment deadlines. Not with LeafLink. By simplifying all your solutions into one transparent invoice, you can easily leverage all that LeafLink offers without having to worry about the hidden fees, complex pricing, or multiple payments each month you can get with the other vendors.

What Our Customers Say

“ReLeaf Farms is new to LeafLink, but we are already incredibly excited about the value that the platform will be able to deliver for our business and our customers. Beyond the anticipated cost savings compared to our previous set of solutions, we’re also looking forward to the additional revenue we’ll be able to generate by adopting the full LeafLink platform. We can reinvest that money into our business, and ensure that we’re consistently delivering the best possible customer experience. This is perfectly aligned with our mission to improve and enhance people’s enjoyment of life with top-quality products and great customer service,” said Ryan Fritzsch, Corporate Controller at ReLeaf Farms.

“Since launching in Michigan in 2018, Cannalicious Labs has been on a mission to deliver the highest quality products that are grown in nature and rooted in science. While we focus on producing the best possible products for our customers, we rely on partners like LeafLink to help us take care of the rest. Through the company’s new full platform pricing plan, we will be able to seamlessly reach even more retailers and continue to grow our business,” said Tim Schuler, President & COO of Detroit Edibles and Cannalicious Labs.


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