For All | March 23, 2023

Hello New York! Introducing LeafLink Marketplace.

LeafLink is thrilled to bring the cannabis industry’s largest wholesale marketplace to our home state of New York.

Our online ecommerce platform, LeafLink Marketplace, is here to help sellers and buyers stay connected, automate and digitize their shopping experiences, and simplify wholesale ordering. Turn to the largest wholesale commerce platform for cannabis and discover how LeafLink can easily help you manage orders at scale.

How we help buyers and sellers succeed

With LeafLink, New York cannabis brands can enhance the wholesale commerce experience from one central place. As part of our commitment to the cannabis industry, the LeafLink Marketplace is here to simplify your order management, expand statewide reach, and much more, including:

Scale your business faster

New York’s market is set to generate in a major way, with some expectations saying it will reach $7 billion by 2025. Scaling is the goal, but it’s often complex and costly, thanks to high costs and administrative burdens. For the past 8 years, LeafLink has built the infrastructure to help companies grow and scale efficiently. Sellers can save time building their online store, tracking inventory, updating menus and so much more, thanks to LeafLink’s turnkey solution.

Increase your sales

Buyers start to second guess the sales process when sellers fail to provide a convenient, easy-to-use shopping experience – they want familiarity and functionality. That’s just what they get with the LeafLink Marketplace. Optimize sales and enhance the customer experience with a seamless ordering system, personalized promotions, volume discounts and custom menus.

Order management automation

Multiple interfaces and management channels make the ordering process more manual than expected. In New York, that manual process won’t work when the order totals increase, as they almost certainly will in the coming months. To avoid inaccuracies, companies need company-wide uniformity and simplified order flow. LeafLink Marketplace integrates directly with a brand’s online menus to provide such solutions and real-time order updates for retailers. Start managing all your orders with LeafLink and discover the difference.

Build brand awareness

Building brand awareness is crucial for business success. But, doing so is an ongoing struggle in a growing market where getting a foothold is particularly difficult. Getting discovered and acquiring the desired traffic and engagement can come at a steep cost. With LeafLink, brands can dip their toe into branding and e-commerce without making high upfront investments. Our Shop Brands page allows buyers to discover new, trending brands that result in high-intent search traffic success.

Automate and digitize your shopping experience

For buyers, order management can often be an offline process that takes too long and requires large amounts of back and forth with sellers. A significant degree of human error can creep into the ordering process without a centralized solution. LeafLink helps avoid that outcome by streamlining purchasing, messaging, sample requests, and much more. Shop easier with a frictionless user experience while running into fewer store errors and improved security.

Replenish your shelves faster

Popular products sell fast. You may risk a stockout during peak demand if you fail to replenish inventory at the right time. Avoid customer frustration and lost sales with LeafLink’s easy-to-search and source product lists. Find and buy the products customers love with the smoothest checkout experience around.

Discover new brands

Finding and connecting with new brands is crucial to growth. But it can be time-consuming and challenging to navigate when so much else goes into a new business. With LeafLink, you can instantly learn about numerous prospective brands. Analyze various sellers and price points for quicker purchasing decisions–and contact them before buying if you have any questions.

Supporting social equity

LeafLink is proud to help bring an equitable cannabis marketplace to New York. We strive to foster entrepreneurship for New York ventures of all sizes.

As such, our platform is free to use for new industry operators. The LeafLink Marketplace is here to provide you with the tools to help launch, buy, sell, promote, discover, connect and manage orders all from one place.

True support must also include financial backing. LeafLink Payments provides operators with short-term financing solutions in the form of instant operating cash at a favorable repayment rate. Brands never have to wait for payments before starting their next batch of production, and retailers can sell through their inventory before paying for it.

LeafLink is committed to creating equity, diversity and accessibility in cannabis. With valuable, low-cost solutions, cannabis operators can scale, grow and meet the demands of the New York industry. We’re excited to be part of the ride with every one of you.

We’ve helped scale thousands of cannabis businesses like yourself

See below for a peek at some of our happy customers!

“The LeafLink Marketplace offered immediate benefits including visibility into our orders, shipping, restocking and needed price changes in a single place. It helped us improve relationships with customers by better anticipating their purchasing needs.” – Josh Hirschey, President, Timeless Vapes

“Our accuracy and consistency has gone way up now that things are centralized. It has not only helped with sales but manufacturing as well. We now have all of our sales people entering all orders onto the LeafLink platform.” – Chuck Wright, Owner, Smokiez Edibles

“LeafLink has streamlined wholesale ordering for both our sales representatives and our customers. Now, our team spends less time taking orders and more time building relationships, and our retailers enjoy the convenience of ordering and discovering Wana’s products on LeafLink.” Nancy Whiteman, Co-founder, Wana Brands

“LeafLink’s all-in-one platform has simplified the ordering process for me in a time-efficient manner. It has eliminated the hassle of exchanging numerous phone calls, texts, and emails with our vendors regarding current inventory and what’s available for purchase. Being able to simply use the reorder feature has been an added bonus and has saved me a lot of time.” – Josh Best, Purchasing Manager, Medicine Man

“We work with over 150 brands and distributors so the ordering process can be time consuming and disorganized. LeafLink helps me save time by allowing me to shop all of our brands’ live menus 24/7 so I can focus on ordering and other responsibilities. It also helps me stay organized by keeping an electronic record of the orders I place.” – Max Herrera, Purchasing Manager, Atrium

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