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Customer Spotlight: Southern Sky Brands – Paving the Way for Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis has been proven to be an effective treatment option for various debilitating conditions like chronic pain, glaucoma, epilepsy, and many more. But in states like Mississippi, where the use of marijuana is still illegal under state and federal laws, patients who could benefit from this medicinal plant have limited access. Thankfully, companies like Southern Sky Brands are emerging to fill this gap and demonstrating that cannabis has many benefits to it. 

We sat down with Morgan Engle, Director of Technology and Marketing at Southern Sky Brands to breakdown how they’re setting the bar high for cannabis in Mississippi. Take a read as we explore how they’re unlocking the healing potential found in the cannabis plant, its state-of-the-art facility, and how it is making a positive impact in the cannabis industry.

Based in Mississippi, Southern Sky Brands is a farm-to-patient focused medical cannabis company dedicated to providing high-quality and consistent treatment options to patients with debilitating conditions. What does farm-to-patient mean? It means Southern Sky handles everything from the very beginning to the very end. From planting the seed, to growing the product, to manufacturing it, to selling it in their own stores. With such an emphasis on quality, Southern Sky attracted some high-profile names in the industry. Not only are they creating their own products but also making and selling products for other major cannabis operators in the state of Mississippi, such as Cheech & Chong, Ric Flair, Tyson 2.0 (Mike Tyson) & The Blues Brothers, and Belushi farms. Their dedication to their craft is the perfect example of driving trust and brand loyalty. 

What is so unique about Southern Sky Brands is their passion for producing products customized for different ailments. Their dedicated team of professionals cultivate and manufacture specific medications that can be used in the treatment of different conditions. Their focus is on indoor cultivation, using state-of-the-art technology that enables them to produce high-quality, consistent medicinal products.

“There’s a lot of really big medical meaning about what we do and what we’re trying to do to help people,” said Morgan.“We started our business initially selling CBD and merchandise because you could just sell that. Then we started getting into actually selling cannabis products and eventually started our own cultivation facility then dispensary.”

Their 70,000 square foot cultivation and processing facility is a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) built and Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards (FOCUS) certified facility. This means that their facility meets the highest-quality standards in the cannabis industry. Their dedication to quality means that patients can trust that they are receiving products that are safe, effective, and consistent in their healing potential.

“I know of two places in the United States that go to the expense of making a food-grade facility to grow plants and make other cannabis products. It’s too expensive. It’s too hard. You have to work so hard to keep clean,” said Morgan. “It’s like you’re in a hospital when you go in. The paint is medical grade, we use intelligent LED lights, and we even use a method of simulating the natural environment using something called a dual-draft system that pushes air up and down like Mother Nature does. That’s the length we go to make our products and it all stems back to our dedication to quality.” 

Southern Sky Wellness is their dispensary where patients can buy cannabis products for their medical needs. The dispensary is unique because it is vertically integrated, a.k.a. the “farm-to-patient” approach. This integration means that Southern Sky Brands can maintain control of the entire process and deliver products that meet their high standards and have complete control over everything.

“Running a vertically integrated business is hard, but there are meaningful benefits to it. We try to demystify what plant-based medicine is, and make it easier to understand with our in person tools, and the way we talk to people. When someone comes into our dispensary, one of our bud-tenders walks you through everything one-on-one. It’s transformative.”

In addition to supporting the medical side of cannabis, Southern Sky places a great emphasis on how cannabis can help veterans in recovery. For vets in the area, Southern Sky has a robust program built out to support them with not only affordable pricing but products specifically designed for them.

Southern Sky Brands is a shining example of how the cannabis industry is evolving. With their focus on high-quality products, compassion for patients, and dedication to unlocking the healing potential of the cannabis plant, they are paving the way for a brighter future for cannabis in Mississippi. As more states legalize the use of medical cannabis, it is companies like Southern Sky Brands that will be at the forefront of providing the industry with access to safe, effective, and consistent treatment options.

“LeafLink was transformative for our company. It transformed us from what we were to what we are now – one of the largest growers in Mississippi with products in 99% of dispensaries in the state and now we’ve opened our own dispensary with more on the way too.”

Southern Sky Brands has been a LeafLink customer since 2023. To view their menu, please go to here.

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