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"Quality, affordable medical marijuana in the Keystone State"

Sold By Terrapin Investment FundI LLC , PA

Founded in 2009 in Boulder, CO, Terrapin Care Station has grown to a national company with more than 200 employees. In addition to providing quality cannabis at an affordable price, TCS has prioritized community engagement and corporate responsibility as part of its core mission. Whether it’s working with elected officials, policymakers and candidates on the local and national levels, contributing to nonprofits, Chambers, community and civic groups, or establishing best practices for marketing and production, TCS has set itself apart. TCS has some of the most influential and innovative people in the cannabis industry working for the company. Terrapin Care Station Pennsylvania is committed to improving the community in which they operate. In addition to creating many much needed jobs in the area, we are employing a workforce that is 30% veterans. We are honored to have been chosen as one of the 12 grower/processor Licensees in Pennsylvania and are excited to serve the needs of patients throughout the Commonwealth.

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