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Sunrise Mountain’s team of experienced cultivators have your customers' health in mind when selecting and breeding flower cultivars for desired effects. We grow some of our classic high THC strains to satisfy that dominant market demand, and we also cultivate flavorful cultivars that produce other valuable effects. Retail staff and customers can discover what’s right for them because we list specific product information on our labels and packaging to provide guidance about each product.

We are a heritage family farm located in the mountains of Humboldt County cultivating full sun and mixed light quality cannabis. Our products are hand crafted sustainably, without the use of solvents.

•Regenerative cultivation

•Sustainable packaging


•Customer Service

Breathe in Humboldt (award winning genetics) one of a kind flower

Dozizoz #3  Flower - hybrid 4 - 12 pounds available

Tasting Notes: Creamy gassy, sweet candy, spice, tropical citrus

Sensation: Uplifted, Tranquil, Focused, Creative 

Description: Well rounded high. You…

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Premium Jarred Sunrise Flower

Creme de Luna Flower - indica - 20 bulk pounds availableTasting Notes: Sweet cream, earthy, lime Sensation: Relaxed, Comforted, Sleepy Description: This potent smoke will bring you out of the confines of your body and ease you into deep mental and body relaxation perfect for easing acute and chronic pain. Relieve mental stress, anxiety and muscle spasms to help you drift off into deep sedated sleep. Genetics: Rare genotype, related to Gelato 45 (per Phylos) Total Cannabinoids: 35.72%, THC: 30.79%, CBD: 0.06% Primary Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Humulene, Myrcene, Bisabolol
Product Info
THC 30 %
Strain Classification Hybrid
Strains Creme De Luna, Creme de Menthe
Grow Operation Greenhouse

Tasting Notes: Diesel, Fruity, Cherry, Grape, Sweet, Vanilla

Sensation: Happy, Focused, Calm

Genetics: Wedding Cake x Purple Punch.

Total Cannabinoids: 32.09%, THC: 27.08%, CBGA: 1.3%, CBC: 0.43%

Total Terpenes: 1.6%, Caryophyllene 0.67%, Limonene 0.32%, Humulene 0.21% β-Myrcene 0.11%

Product Info
THC 27.08 %
Strain Classification Hybrid
Strains Wedding Crasher
Grow Operation Greenhouse

Sunrise Bio:

Our years of organic cultivation experience ensure you the highest quality Humboldt sun grown medicinal flowers. At Sunrise Mountain Farm we lovingly tend each plant to grow vital, healthy cannabis for people who care where their medicine comes from and how it is cultivated.

It takes experience, knowledge, and wholehearted passion to bring you our distinctive, highest quality Cannabis. Through the fusion of tradition and science, we achieve optimal potency in our flowers and concentrates. We grow a wide variety of premier and proprietary strains to suit the needs of each person.

Product Info
Total THC 30 %
Strain Classification High CBD
Strains 1 THC: 3 CBD, CBD, Strawberry Glue
Grow Operation Greenhouse
Cherry Trance Flower - sativa - 10 bulk pounds availableTasting Notes: Sour Cherry, Pine, Musk Sensation: Cerebral, Energized, Focused Description: Sweetness turns into a sweet sour mixture reminiscent of a cherry cider or cola. The smoke has a lovely light mouth feel, and is everywhere from marshmallow and cherry to strawberry shortcake and whipped cream. The high feels like a classic headband, even providing the feeling of pressure on the forehead. The cherry trance comes on like sativa but the high settles into your body, with a pleasant blend of mental clarity and couch locking. Genetics: Cherry O x Wookie Breeder: Bohdi Seeds Total Cannabinoids: 31.53% THC: 27.29%, CBD: 0.03% Terpenes: 3.6% a-pinene: 1.3%, caryophyllene: 0.55%, b-pinene: 0.54%
Product Info
THC 27.29 %
Strain Classification Sativa
Strains AJ's Cherry AK, BlackCherry, Trance Jackpot
Grow Operation Greenhouse

Sunrise Concentrates

Available in 1 gram containers, box and brochure

This is full melt, high grade water hash. Small batch & hand crafted without the use of solvents.

Sunrise Mountain cultivar exclusives Crème de Luna and Dozizoz #3 flowers blended for a

delicious and intoxicating effect. Best enjoyed in the evening.

Total Cannabinoids: 716mg THC: 651mg CBD: ND CBDV: 1.97mg CBC: 0.8mg

Product Info
THC 60 %
Strain Classification N/A
Strains DoZiZoz
Grow Operation Greenhouse

Other Products

Dozizoz #3  Flower - hybrid 4 - 12 pounds available

Tasting Notes: Creamy gassy, sweet candy, spice, tropical citrus

Sensation: Uplifted, Tranquil, Focused, Creative 

Description: Well rounded high. You will feel alert and uplifted at the start, experiencing tranquility and creativity before descending into a fuzzy, happy, relaxed state. We pheno hunted and chose this cultivar for it’s aroma, flavor and well rounded entourage effect. This hybrid cross of Zkittlez and Do-Si-Dos leans toward it’s Zkittez lineage, and is exclusively grown at Sunrise Mountain Farms.

Genetics: Zkittlez x Zozizoz (Zkittlez backcrossed x Do-Si-Dos)

Breeder: Green Fire Genetics
Product Info
Total THC 29.47 %
Strain Classification Hybrid
Strains Dozizoz, Zkittlez, Zkittlez - Indica
Grow Operation Light Deprivation

Our artisan crafted prerolls are made with premium whole cannabis flowers blended with an infusion of kief. Single Strain Estate Sun Grown Sustainably Produced FEEL: Balanced, Calm, Uplifted TASTE: Strawberry, Jasmine, Woody Total Cannabinoids: 344mg / 34% CBD 219mg / 21% THC 120mg / 12%

Product Info
Cannabinoids 344 mg
Strain Classification High CBD
Strains Strawberry Kush

PACIFIC Tincture- Available in 15ml, glass bottle w/ dropper, box and brochure

Oil Based ‘Strawberry G’ Single Strain tincture

CBD dominant, nearly 2:1 CBD:THC

Pacific is a single strain tincture with a combination of raw and activated cannabinoids. It is a

potent yet gentle formula offering an array of benefits for optimal health. The unique combination

of terpenes and cannabinoids provide a calming effect on the mind and body. Great for use

anytime of the day or night.

Total Cannabinoids/container: 211 mg, THC:56.9% CBD:137.4% CBDV:8.3% CBC:3.2%

Total Cannabinoids/serving: 14mg, THC:3.8% CBD:9.2% CBDV:0.55% CBC:0.21%

Total Terpenes: 0.05%, Bisabolol 0.015%, Caryophyllene 0.009%, Linalool 0.007%

Product Info
Strain Classification High CBD