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"Oregon's Premium Cannabis Oil"

Sold By Siskiyou Sungrown 19741 Williams Hwy Williams , OR

At Siskiyou Sungrown we cultivate the highest quality cannabis in the most sustainable way: sun grown in native soil according to organic standards. We use only certified organic cane alcohol to extract full spectrum, whole-plant, resinous cannabis oil.  Our meticulous process of dehydration, extraction, filtration, distillation, and decarboxylation ensures maximum purity, potency, and bioavailability.

Our commitment to producing the purest, most healthy product means we use the whole plant, which allows us to tap into the entire spectrum of therapeutic compounds cannabis offers. The synergy of all of the plant components working together, known as the Entourage Effect, is more powerful than the use of isolated components. We use only USP grade certified organic cane alcohol to extract our potent oil; this process known to be safer than products produced using harsher and more toxic extraction methods. 

Available in CBD-rich, THC-rich, and 1:1 formulations, delivered as cannabis oil or tincture. We produce tinctures by re-dissolving our decarboxylated oil into certified organic cane alcohol.

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