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Red Bud Elixirs was established to provide quality treatment with compassion & convenience.  Our mission is to provide the highest quality cannabis concentrate products in Oklahoma. From vape, concentrates & edibles, you'll find our products are easy to use & very discrete. Our focus is your experience, we strive to make it the best. 

We offer a broad array of cannabis concentrate products geared to meet the needs of all Oklahomans. Our team is developing custom products using advanced technology. We are working closely with our retail partners to create innovative solutions for both the experienced client & the newly initiated.

In order to provide the most medicinal value in our products, we utilizes state of the art High Terpene Extraction methods to gently harvest all that is good & pure from the plant. THC is great, but the remaining DNA of the plant,Terpenes, has an effect on its healing properties. 

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SAP- An activated, full-spectrum concentrate inside an easy-to-use syringe pen- the "Twistspenser". This pen helps with easy application, however you choose to consume! ;-) You can dab with your favo…

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SAP- An activated, full-spectrum concentrate inside an easy-to-use syringe pen- the "Twistspenser". This pen helps with easy application, however you choose to consume! ;-) You can dab with your favorite rig, top off your next joint, blunt or bowl and since it's activated... enjoy the freedom of infusing your favorite meal!

SAP comes in ONLY our best strains. We do not offer strain specific ORDERING, but we do offer strain specific SAP. When you place your order for the amount, we will split the strains up evenly, for you. If your dispensary sells more indica, hybrid or sativa, please mention that in the notes and we will send more of whatever type you likely will sell the most of! Please feel free to message us with any questions or concerns, as well!

Quantity Available: 78

Product Info
CBD 3.76 %
THC 72.60 mg
Terpenes 9.80 %
Strain Classification N/A


R.L. Rejuvenate is our 10 oz jar of medicated bath salts. Made with 200ml of pure natural CO2 R.S.O. concentrate, pink Himalayan salts, hibiscus flower, Calendula, jojoba oil, vitamin e and other essential oils. You'll notice the difference in our bath salts, they do not stick together. 

Draw up a big bath, allow the salts to dissolve and enjoy! You will get 4-5 baths out of this 10 oz jar and relief for over 8 hours. They target joint pain, nerve damage, open sores, arthritis, swelling, muscle aches, and  so much more!

Product Info
THC 200 mg
Strain Classification N/A

Truly, a enjoyable and medicinal lotion for everyone. With a light and airy aroma, R. L. Remedy is soon to be a favorite in your healing arsenal. Created by my mother, R. L Remedy is our flagship topical. Her care and love is attached to each bottle. Made with 500ml of pure natural R.S.O. concentrate and the effects speak for itself.

Product Info
Terpenes 8.63 %
THC 76 mg
CBD 2.36 %
Strain Classification N/A


 The Weekender300 is a 300ml disposable pen, powered by c-cell, already loaded and ready for fun. This little disposable is easy and enjoyable, ensuring a smooth draw to the last drop.

No buttons, no charging, no hassle. Just take a pull when you're ready and The Weekender will be there waiting and eager to please.


Got a concert to go to? A ball game to watch? Hitting the hiking trails with your friends? No matter what your lifestyle brings, The Weekender is a must for the smoker on the go. Small, discreet and powerful, The Weekender packs 300ml of pure full-spectrum goodness that’s perfect for the times when you just can't rely on those pesky rechargeable battery packs.

Product Info
THC 0.32 mg
Strain Classification N/A

The Discreet 500 – This 500ml disposable pen is also powered by C- Cell. The charmingly sleek and utterly alluring design was built for DISCRETION. Patients can get their doses just about anywhere without attracting attention. You should never have to skip a dose due to any bias that others may have. 

We understand, and Red Bud Elixirs has you covered. 

There is no button, no recharging the battery, and no hassle with our disposables. This makes the Discreet 500, along with The Weekender, amazing options for first time vape users. Experienced users will also love them for their portability and ease of use. Branded discretely to expose the Red Bud Tree on the bottom that lights up when the pen is pulled

Product Info
Strain Classification N/A

The Original 1 g

Red Bud Elixirs is proud to provide the highest quality in our vape cartridges. We proudly bring you our full-spectrum concentrate in the authentic C-Cell cartridges. 

C-Cell is the gold standard and we think you'll find that our carts are as well.

Try one for yourself. We think you'll notice the difference.

Our carts are infused with Native Terpenes and never contain any artificial or harmful chemicals.

By utilizing state of the art supercritical Co2 extraction, we are able to offer the cleanest medicinal quality vape products available. Designed for the customer that demands purity but refuses to compromise on taste and over all enjoyment. You can count on our vape cartridges to deliver the same smooth flavor and euphoric finish every time.

Product Info
THC 1 mg
Strain Classification N/A