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"Clear - Potent - Pure"

Sold By High Mountain Health, LLC. 1250 S Plaza Way Flagstaff , AZ

KAYA’s mission is to help you enhance your well-being and quality of life through pure and safe cannabis oil. Our company strives to create products that are healthy, medicinal, effective, and clean, meeting the highest levels of integrity and quality. Every batch is tested by an independent lab to ensure KAYA products meet our stringent standards.

KAYA Infusions prides itself on only using high-quality, in-house, mountain-grown cannabis (100% grown by High Mountain Health, KAYA's headquarters) to create a range of ethanol-extracted cannabis derivatives, such as various EHO consistencies (shatter, sugar wax, etc), Health Oil (highly refined RSO), vape cartridges, suppositories, and health-conscious edibles.  We also offer the highest quality, solvent-free bubble hash & rosin.  Every batch is tested by an independent lab to ensure KAYA products meet our stringent standards. At KAYA we value quality, purity & cleanliness above all else.

KAYA's highly refined version of RSO, 900mg Cannabinoids minimum

•  KAYA’s highly refined version of Rick Simpson Oil
•  Full-spectrum for entourage effect
•  High potency with low residuals
•  Twist dispense for accurate, convenient dosing

KAYA Health Oil is a fu…

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KAYA branded (Jupiter) breath activated lithium ion battery with charger

Product Info
Strain Classification N/A

Cartridges - MYS-STIX - Infused with Organic Terpenes

Cartridges - RIP-STIX - Raw, Uncut Distillate

Cartridges - SOL-STIX - High CBD

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(25x 1/2 Gram per Case)
  • CBD:THC Cartridges
  • Always cannabis derived CBD from our own, Mountain-Grown flower
  •  1:3 is sativa dominant made with AC/DC and a blend of THC strains to achieve the ratio.  The 1:3 is great for daytime use without intense psychoactive effects
  • Indica dominant cartridge is made with 100% Critical Mass CBD distillate and offers full body relaxation.  The THC : CBD ratio varies on the Critical Mass cartridge yet averages 2:1

KAYA Sol•Stix are high cannabidiol (CBD) distillate cartridges.  CBD, a compound found in the cannabis plant, is an effective medicine for treating a number of ailments without intense psychoactive effects. The distillate is made from premium, in-house, mountain-grown AC/DC, Critical Mass or Harlequin cannabis strains  – never synthetic nor hemp-derived, which then undergoes a distillation process resulting in a pure, solvent-free product.  The sleek and efficient cartridge is durable and tamper-proof while offering a smooth, effortless draw thanks to the CCell Core technology.

When to use: Sol•Stix are ideal for patients seeking a variety of personalized, medicinal benefits.

Quantity Available: 100

Product Info
Strain Classification High CBD
Strains AC/DC, CBD Critical Mass, Harlequin

Dab Buckets - 1g Terpene Infused Distillate, activated

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•  1 gram of solvent-free cannabinoid distillate per bucket
•  Infused with strain-specific natural terpenes
•  Versatile, multi-use product
•  Packaged for dab-ability

KAYA THC distillate buckets are a versatile, pure, potent way for cannabis patients to medicate. The distillate is made with natural, mountain-grown cannabis and is the base ingredient for all of the KAYA pens.  We offer distillate infused with natural terpenes for a flavored option.

When to use: This high-potency option is ideal for patients seeking immediate relief from pain, nausea, muscle spasms, appetite-loss or exhaustion.

Directions for use: This fully activated oil can be ingested through multiple methods: dabbing, consuming with food, infusing in edibles, topically or inhalation. It is one of the most versatile products on the market for those seeking a high dose of THC.

Product Info
Strain Classification N/A

Ethanol Hash Oil (EHO)

KAYA's Ethanol Hash Oil (EHO) products are cryogenically extracted and vacuum purged to provide you with the cleaner, clearer and more potent concentrate.  All of our EHO products are analytically tested by an independent lab.

KAYA uses ethanol to carefully extract a potent combination of cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant.  We have chosen to use ethanol because it is sustainable; no hydrocarbons are released during the process and it is fully reusable.  Furthermore, ethanol is, in our eyes, a better extracting agent as it preserves more cannabinoids and terpenes than other options such a light hydrocarbons (ethane, propane, butane and hexane) or C02.

Product Info
Strain Classification Indica
Strains Holy Grail Kush

Health Oil (RSO)

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•  KAYA’s highly refined version of Rick Simpson Oil
•  Full-spectrum for entourage effect
•  High potency with low residuals
•  Twist dispense for accurate, convenient dosing

KAYA Health Oil is a full-spectrum oil made from premium mountain-grown cannabis. This product utilizes the combined benefit of cannabinoids and terpenes–chemical compounds found within the cannabis plant that each have unique medicinal benefits. Instead of singling out certain compounds, the Health Oil takes full advantage of the vast amount of medical potential found in the cannabis plant, contributing to the “entourage effect.”

When to use: KAYA Health Oil may treat a number of ailments, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, severe pain, nausea, inflammation and muscles spasms. The oil is fully activated.

Directions for use: Common methods of ingestion include absorbing the oil orally, consuming with food, using topically or with a suppository. We have recently introduced new packaging—a convenient and easy twist dispenser. The dispenser helps patients medicate discreetly, quickly and without any messes. A recommended dose of our Health Oil is a drop the size of a grain of rice due to its exceptional potency.

Product Info
Strain Classification N/A

Sativa (On Backorder)



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KAYA Suppositories are made from premium mountain-grown cannabis and organic, fair-trade shea & cocoa butter.

Suppositories represent superior bioavailability and are especially effective in treating gastrointestinal and menstrual discomfort. Yet, they appeal to a diverse patient base as they deliver strong and targeted effects without psychoactivity.

KAYA Suppositories are designed to treat a multitude of medical conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Cancer
  • Prostate issues
  • Crohn's Disease
  • I.B.S.
  • Menopausal Symptoms
  • Menstrual Cramps
  • Colitis
  • Severe Pain including nerve and bone pain that other methods of medicating may not help
  • inflammation
  • nausea
  • muscle spasms

Directions for use:  Store suppositories in your freezer. After removing the suppository from its packaging,  relax and position yourself as needed for insertion. Lubrication optional. can be used vaginally or rectally. Insert the suppository, narrow end first. For adults, gently push it in approx. one inch.

Product Info
Strain Classification 1:1 CBD


KAYA Myst Tincture Sprays are a convenient way to orally ingest our high-quality cannabis oil.  KAYA Myst provides a discrete, quick and clean way to get an accurate dose.

Myst tinctures are naturally sugar free; flavored only with food-grade natural botanicals.  When used sublingually, they are fast acting.

KAYA Myst Tinctures come in Sativa, Hybrid or Indica dominances and six flavors:

  • Sativa - Lemon Raspberry or Mexican Coffee
  • Hybrid - Ginger Lime or Chocolate Coconut
  • Indica - Honey Lemon Chamomile or Orange Spice

This product is packaged in a cobalt blue, UV deterrent and food grade bottle with a tamper evident seal. 

Product Info
THC 225 mg
Strain Classification N/A


KAYA Sutra Pleasure and Wellness Enhancement Oil

·        Organic, fair trade MCT oil infused with KAYA distillate

·         Enhances tactile sensation

·         Enjoy alone or with a partner

·         May offer other healing qualities including anti-microbial anti-fungal properties

·         No psychoactive effects if applied topically

·         Safe for ingestion

KAYA Sutra is a pleasure and wellness enhancement oil made with organic, fair-trade coconut oil infused with KAYA’s ethanol extracted cannabis distillate.  Known to enhance bloodflow, cannabis may promote relaxation and euphoria.  Often used as an aphrodisiac around the world, cannabis has a long history of use for pleasure and wellness enhancement.

Dose: Start with 2-4 sprays.  Each spray contains approximately 2.8mg THC.  Approximately 80 sprays per 30ml bottle.

Directions for use: Apply to labia, clitoris and internally to the vagina.  Allow up to 15 minutes for maximum absorption and effects. 


Users reported the following effects:

·         Heightened sensitivity and orgasm

·         Warming sensations and intensified pleasure

·         Increased sensitivity, stimulation, lubrication and desire

·         Increased blood flow and muscle relaxation

This product is packaged in a cobalt blue, UV deterrent and food grade bottle with a tamper evident seal. 

Product Info
Strain Classification Hybrid