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"So delicious you forgot to feel guilty.....#No Regrets"

Sold By Susan & Steph INC 1275 South Cherokee Street Denver , CO

Jade & Jane's local, handmade cannabis-infused desserts  are baked in Denver, Colorado for the responsible, discerning 21+ REC consumer. If you need a classy, sassy, tasty, and chill edible in your life try Jade & Jane cupcakes! We make incredible cupcakes, pound cakes, cake mix and more! Please contact us with any questions.

There is a flat-rate delivery fee of $18 for our once a month drops per city. These dates are listed on our company delivery schedule. Please contact for further information.

For off-schedule deliveries, please contact for delivery fee pricing.

The minimum to waive the delivery fee is a $350 order, consisting of any Jade & Jane products.


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