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"Hand Crafted Cannabis Concentrates"

Sold By Cosmic Seaweed Old Town Homer Homer , AK

Craft cannabis concentrate manufacturing in Homer, Alaska

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Utopia Kush Crumble 1G

THC: 74.06%

CBD: .23%

Residual Solvents: Zero

Contaminants: None

Ingredients: Butane Honey Oil

Manufactured By: Cosmic Seaweed

Grown By: Pine St.

Product Info
Strain Classification Hybrid


Dosi Punch Shatter 1g

Total THC: 74.74% THCA: 84.52% CBD: .19% Total Cannabinoids: 88.60% 

Residual Solvents: Zero

Cultivator: Peace Frog  

Product Info
Strain Classification Indica Hybrid

Homer Budz High CBD Shatter 0.5g

Total THC: 51.32% THCA: 55.34% CBD: 19.92% Total Cannabinoids: 83.37%

Residual Solvents: Passed

Cultivator: Homer Budz

Product Info
Strain Classification High CBD

T shirts and Sweatshirts

Hooded Sweatshirts

  • High quality heavy blend hoodie sweatshirt
  • Black with metallic green printing
  • $45 (+$8.00 USPS postage)
  • Small through XXL, these sizes run VERY small. The XXL fits as a large in an average sweatshirt. We are working on true larger sizes.
Product Info
Strain Classification N/A

Terp Sauce

Carol Jean Terp Sauce  1g              

Fragrant, terpy sauce

Total THC:  66.98% 

Total Cannabinoids: 72.28%   
Residual Solvents: Zero
Cultivator: Grateful Buds= Nikiski   

Tastes somewhat piney and refreshing, with a balanced high. Fun to smoke.

Product Info
Strain Classification Hybrid


Cosmic Remedy Salve

$25/ 2 oz cardboard push up applicator  Total THC: 328mg CBD: 18mg per 2 ounce stick                                                        

A lightweight beeswax and coconut oil salve infused with THC. The beeswax is locally sourced in Kasilof so has anti allergen properties. Almost everyone who uses this salve says it works great for pain. It is the highest THC concentrated salve on the market. 

MCB required notices: Do not eat. No medical benefit is implied. 

Quantity Available: 20

Product Info
Strain Classification N/A


Gorilla Cookies Sugar Wax

THC: 72.09 % THCA: 71.28 % CBD: 1.74% Total Cannabinoids:85.74%

Residual Solvents:Zero


Ingredients: Butane Honey Oil

Net Wt: 1 Gram/0.036Oz

Cultivated By: Fat Tops

Product Info
Strain Classification Hybrid