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Sold By Heartland Brands 516 W. Colorado Avenue Colorado Springs , CO

A synergistic blend of the highest quality essential oils infused with cannabis. Quickly absorbed into the skin, Chronic Relief can be discreetly applied when desired, providing aromatherapeutic, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving benefits whenever necessary.

Topical cannabis is becoming an increasingly popular option for those who wish to avoid the psychotropic effects of cannabis (or those who might otherwise be sensitive to them such as pediatric and elderly patients) because it has the same therapeutic benefits for pain and inflammation without the high.

The typical high isn't achieved with topical application, but such lotions will help decrease instances of inflammation and pain in the joints and muscles, along with improving skin conditions and skin elasticity. We wanted to create a product that offered the therapeutic properties of cannabis without having to experience the psychotropic effects. This is why we created Chronic Relief.

We want people to experience the therapeutic properties of cannabis without experiencing psychotropic effects. All of our lotions are developed with the highest quality active ingredients to ensure the best therapeutic experience possible when it comes to infused topicals.

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