Why LeafLink International

Built for your team's operations and your country's regulations.

LeafLink’s wholesale marketplace has revolutionized the way cannabis producers, sellers, distributors, and retailers around the world manage their operations. We empower them to optimize ordering, simplify communication, and spend less time on administrative work.

For Sellers

Optimize sales, inventory, and relationship management while increasing exposure to licensed buyers in your market.

  • Receive, approve, and track inbound orders
  • Give buyers access to real-time inventory menus
  • Communicate with interested buyers via platform messaging
  • Gain insight into top-selling products and sales team performance
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For Buyers

Simplify the ordering process while discovering new sellers and products in your market.

  • See live inventory levels from wholesalers and distributors
  • Find and order products 24/7 through an e-commerce marketplace
  • Manage orders from all your vendors in a centralized platform
  • Message sellers directly with questions and special requests
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For Governments

Streamline ordering while ensuring full compliance through a centralized platform.

  • Get a bird's-eye view of the entire market
  • Monitor performance for cannabis stores, products, and producers
  • Track market trends and sales patterns
  • Empower cannabis commerce through easy online ordering
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The largest global network of licensed cannabis businesses

As the industry's wholesale marketplace, we partner with governments and cannabis businesses worldwide.



The marketplace is currently live in 30 markets

Annual Orders


Businesses use LeafLink to manage over $4.4 billion in orders annually

Global Clients


More than 9.5K companies use the marketplace



Nearly 750,000 transactions were placed during 2020