Become a Power and Elite Seller to Boost Your Sales

Guides • November 24, 2020

An overview of the new Power and Elite sellers statuses and the benefits of becoming a LeafLink Certified Seller.

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What are LeafLink’s Power and Elite Certified Seller Statuses?

LeafLink Certified Sellers are brands that follow LeafLink best practices. We recently launched two new seller statuses — Power Seller and Elite Seller — to provide an additional way for brands to stand out in the marketplace.

These two new Certified Seller statuses are an evolution of the current Trusted Seller status.

Why Should Brands Become a Power Seller and Elite Seller?

Brands that reach the Power Seller and Elite Seller status experience more orders in the LeafLink marketplace. Power Sellers receive 2.5x more orders than average from buyers, while Elite Sellers receive 3.5x as many.

Additionally, Power Seller and Elite Seller brands are highlighted by LeafLink to increase their visibility in the marketplace.

Both Power and Elite Sellers receive a badge on their profile and are displayed prominently on the Shop Brands page, as well as periodically in the “Suggested Vendors” section.

Elite Sellers also have the opportunity to be featured in LeafLink marketing materials, such as email campaigns to retailers during Deals Periods.

Why Retailers Love Shopping Power and Elite Sellers

Retailers prefer ordering from LeafLink Certified Sellers because they know these brands are a reliable partner in the marketplace. This includes responding to orders in a timely manner, having a high order acceptance rate, frequently updating their menu and inventory, plus more.

Retailers can also choose to exclusively order from Certified Sellers by using the 'Seller Badges' filter on the Shop Brands page.

How to Become a Power Seller

To become a Power Seller, brands must achieve the following:

Complete Logo & Description

Power Sellers must have a logo on their profile and a description for at least one brand associated with the seller’s account.

Frequent Response Time

Orders received by Power Sellers through the marketplace — that is, made directly by the buyer — must have a response within 48 hours.

Active License

Power Sellers must have at least one verified license attached to their seller account that is currently active and with a valid expiration date.

How to Become an Elite Seller

Elite Sellers are the top-of-the-top of LeafLink sellers. Brands must achieve Power Seller status, as well as the qualifications below, to become an Elite Seller:

High Order Acceptance Rate

Elite Sellers must have a higher percentage of ‘Accepted Orders’ than ‘Rejected.’

Majority of Orders Have Ship Dates

80% of orders received by Elite Sellers must have a ship date.

Consistent Menu and Inventory Updates

Elite Sellers must update inventory or their menu at least 12 days out of a 90-day period.

To learn more about Power Seller and Elite Seller qualifications, go here.

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