Making the Most of LeafLink's Marketplace for Your Cannabis Dispensary

Guides • October 26, 2020

An overview of LeafLink tools for cannabis retailers.

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How does LeafLink benefit cannabis retailers? LeafLink helps purchasing managers save up to 8 hours per week by centralizing vendor communication and order information through the e-commerce marketplace.

Here are a few tips to make sure your retail business gets the most out of LeafLink.

1. Make Ordering Easy

Ordering inventory to restock your dispensary has never been so easy!

With LeafLink’s streamlined e-commerce marketplace, retailers can shop all their brands in a single cart. In just a few clicks, cannabis dispensaries can restock their shelves and rest assured that they are seeing the most up-to-date product menus from any brand they buy.

Retailers can also use LeafLink to track order statuses, see updated brand menus, order for multiple stores at a time, plus take advantage of deals periods.

2. Discover New Brands and Products

LeafLink has made product discovery simple for cannabis dispensaries.

When ordering through the marketplace, retailers can choose either the Shop Products or Shop Brands experience. They can then browse by product, brand, and/or use advanced filters to narrow down their search. LeafLink filters include price range, THC percentage, category/subcategory, and more.

Retailers can also sort by Elite and Power Sellers - cannabis brands verified by LeafLink to frequently update their menu, respond to buyer questions in a timely manner, and process orders efficiently (less than 24 hours). Find more info on Elite and Power Sellers here.

3. Simplify Communications with Brands

LeafLink offers cannabis retailers the ability to ask brands about new products or check in on outstanding orders through direct messaging. Have a question about a product? Want to know where your order is? Dispensaries can connect with brands in just a few clicks!

Retailers can also use the Sample Request feature, which allows dispensaries to try before buying. This ensures that the product will be a favorite by retail customers and promotes strong business relationships between brands and retailers.

“LeafLink has been a great resource for our team - I use it every day. From its vast network of vendors, to order fulfillment and shipping status updates, to new product announcements, its one-stop-shop model has helped me streamline the ordering process for the 15+ stores I oversee.”

- Dan Hirchak, Purchasing Manager, Harvest Dispensary

4. Get Net Terms on All Orders

Now, thanks to LeafLink Financial, B2B transactions are easier than ever. With LeafLink Financial, cannabis retailers can get flexible net terms for all their purchases and easily centralize accounts payable. Instead of juggling multiple brands and payment schedules, retailers can just pay LeafLink!

LeafLink Financial gives retailers access to dynamic cash flow tools and digital invoice dispute resolution. That means less time on paperwork and day-to-day financial operations tasks, and more time growing your relationships.

5. Grow Your Business with LeafLink Support

Every retailer on LeafLink is assigned a Retailer Engagement Representative to onboard and optimize their LeafLink account. LeafLink also provides a Support Team to keep operations running smoothly.

Additionally, the LeafLink Knowledge Center is available to answer frequently asked questions.

As a reminder, joining the wholesale marketplace is free for cannabis retailers. Thousands of dispensaries already use LeafLink to streamline their operations. Sign up today to get started.

The Cannabis Industry’s Wholesale Marketplace

LeafLink connects over 1,700+ brands and 5,600+ retailers across 26 markets. Are you a brand? Request a demo. Retailer? Sign up to place your first order today.

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