Understanding LeafLink’s Deals Periods

Guides • November 09, 2020

Get the scoop on LeafLink Deals Periods, including dates and top reasons why you should participate.

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What are LeafLink Deals Periods?

For brands, LeafLink Deals periods are a free opportunity to get your products in front of hundreds of purchasing managers. For retailers, LeafLink Deals periods are a way to find great deals on top products through the wholesale cannabis marketplace.

During a given LeafLink Deals period, brands are able to feature up to three products at a time on a special Deals Page. Retailers can then shop this page as they restock their dispensaries and search for new products.

LeafLink Deals periods are open exclusively to members of the LeafLink community - you must be a member of the LeafLink marketplace to participate.

When are the Deals periods?

There are three different LeafLink Deals periods throughout the year: 3.20 Deals, 7.10 Deals, and LeafLink Month.

3.20 Deals

The month leading up to 4.20 is the busiest time of year in wholesale cannabis. We created the 3.20 Deals Period to help brands make the most of the holiday while giving retailers an opportunity to stock their stores with great products. 3.20 Deals are live from March 20th to April 20th - you can learn more about 3.20 Deals here.

7.10 Deals

7.10 is the cannabis industry’s holiday for concentrates — 7.10 upside down spells ‘OIL’ — and help brands maximize their sales potential while retailers stock up. 7.10 Deals are live for the three weeks leading up to July 10th and includes all products on the marketplace (not just concentrates). You can learn more about 7.10 Deals here.

LeafLink Month

LeafLink created LeafLink Month as a way to help brands and retailers close out the year with a bang. Whether stocking your store for the holiday rush, or trying to get one final sales bump before the year ends, LeafLink Month is meant to help the LeafLink community make the most of the season. LeafLink Month Deals are live December 1st-31st.

Why Brands Should Participate in LeafLink Deals

During LeafLink Deals periods, LeafLink brands have the opportunity to increase sales, promote new products, and connect with both new buyers and previous customers.

During our 2020 3.20 deals period, products featured on the Deals Page saw:

- 68% Jump in Sales

- 62% in Sample Requests

- 18% Lift in Orders

Participating in LeafLink Deals periods is free for brands - to learn how to list your deals, check out this guide.

Why Retailers Should Participate in LeafLink Deals

During LeafLink Deals periods, LeafLink retailers can take advantage of great deals on new products and fan favorites just by shopping the dedicated Deals Page through the LeafLink marketplace.

During our 2020 3.20 deals period, stats show:

- 38% Brands participated

- 49% Retailers purchased a Deals Page product

- 62% Retailers sampled a product

For an example of what a LeafLink Deals Page looks like for retailers, see the image below.


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